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Apr. 30, 2014

A Look Inside the Home of Steven Volpe, Interior Decorator to Silicon Valley's Elite
The Wall Street Journal
Steven Volpe transformed his San Francisco apartment, a duplex in a Beaux-Arts mansion in Pacific Heights, into a showcase for his art and photography collection, his one-of-a-kind furniture and his highly specific design vision.More

Jennifer Aniston At Home
Architectural Digest
Jennifer Aniston collaborated with designer Stephen Shadley to transform a 1970 residence by Harold W. Levitt in Beverly Hills into an inviting retreat where she hosts frequent gatherings. "The making of the house was as significant to me as the living in it," says the former Friends star.More

How Does the Heartbleed Bug Affect Your Business?
By Ross Lancaster
If you've followed the tech world in the last two weeks, chances are that you've heard of the Heartbleed bug. According to various sources since it was confirmed April 7, the bug is a massive threat that puts nearly every piece of personal information on the Web at risk for theft, an overblown hazard and something that will "slow the Internet to a crawl." More

A Look Inside the Home of Steven Volpe, Interior Decorator to Silicon Valley's Elite
The Wall Street Journal
Harvey and Vivian, a Norfolk terrier and a French bulldog with a perilous underbite, are antsy for a walk, braiding their leashes around each other's legs as they encircle the master of the house. It's a Friday afternoon in Pacific Heights, and decorator Steven Volpe is home after four full-tilt days in New York. Though he missed out on some gallery visits and endured a few too many site meetings, he is upbeat about his trip. "The most important thing is that my clients were at the openings," he says in a boyish tenor, kneeling down in his Thom Browne suit to untangle the dogs and give Vivian a scratch. More

The Unsettling Thing About Ellen
The New York Times
Oh, to be Ellen DeGeneres's decorator. Or her architect. Or her real estate agent. Or even her movers. When the economy is still sputtering and the housing market hasn't fully recovered, these are boom jobs. In the last few years, the comedian and talk show host has been in home-renovation overdrive, buying and redoing more than half a dozen homes in Southern California. Built by renowned architects and filled with fine art and vintage Danish and French décor, many of the houses reveal a design sensibility that is more Architectural Digest than HGTV.More

What's Under Foot for 2014?
By Christina Mogk
As much as people fuss about what color and/or treatment to apply to the walls in their homes, the reality is that your flooring choice is what will ground your space. In some ways, that grounding is what will make or break your room, pulling the rest of the elements together. Hard-surface flooring — hardwood, tile, laminate and the like — remains the go-to choice over wall-to-wall carpeting, and it does not look like a shift will be coming any time in the near future. What has changed are color preferences, sizes and manufacturing technologies.More

Stripes and Style in a Flexible Nursery
While Kevin and Kari McIntosh Dawdy were expecting their first child, it seemed like the world was expecting them to buy stuff, and a lot of it. Although the two were eager to sign on for new-parent duties, they weren't ready to commit to a lot of baby gear that would stretch their two-bedroom condominium to the limit.More

Home Trends: Design Details Feature Classic Styles with a Modern Twist
Pensacola News Journal
As we make our way well into the 21st century, the world of construction is always evolving with new design concepts and technology updates. But we are also see the return of trends that were popular in years past blend with what's new.More

The Difference Between Content Marketing and Traditional Advertising
Business 2 Community
In the world of advertising and marketing, the clear goal is to create an image of your business with which people want to associate. Whether it comes in the form of traditional advertising or content marketing, your content needs to be compelling in some fashion. Of course, there are plenty of different ways to market to your target audience. The aforementioned content marketing has become a valuable tool for businesses to make a long-term investment in their future clients. But, you should not expect fast turnarounds with a content marketing strategy. More

Demand for Green Interiors Rising
By Archita Datta Majumdar
It's often said that charity should begin at home. What better way to do that than by opting for green interiors? Sustainable and eco-friendly interior design is climbing up the popularity charts, displaying increasing awareness and concern for the environment.More

Living in a Modern Farmhouse You Can Be Proud Off: Ripple Road
This modern farmhouse on Vancouver's Ripple Road was imagined by Kelly Deck Design as having an open layout, where functionality and elegance meet to shape social spaces. With this project, the team created their first farmhouse-inspired home with a masculine vibe present through the held-back colors used throughout.More