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May. 13, 2015

Island Style Tips for Your Home, Just in Time for Warm Weather
The Washington Post
You may not live in the Bahamas, but you can still enjoy some beach vibes in your home. Here are tips from our recent Home Front chat with designer and author India Hicks. Start with a neutral base. "I always say that with the kaleidoscope of color on the outside of a tropical home we try to keep the inside more muted," Hicks said.More

Durability Is the New Luxury
Interior Design
The way we are living in our own homes has changed. One of the biggest components of this evolution is a change in the way we use fabrics and furniture in our homes. How can these fabrics enhance our designs while providing a level of performance that will make our clients happy and their homes more livable? More

30 Home Decor Rules That Were Made To Be Broken
Over the years, home design experts have come up with a coterie of rules—ceilings have to be white, furniture looks best against the wall, the list goes on — and on. But if you take a look at some of the most beautiful interior spaces, what's immediately apparent is that many — if not all — of these so-called decor rules are made to be broken More

Use 'Cost' to Close Interior Design Sales
By Fred Berns
When it comes to pricing, most interior design professionals focus only on what it costs prospects to hire them. In contrast, savvy designers focus on what it will cost prospects if they don't. Chances are you periodically encounter price procrastination when presenting your cost to prospective buyers. They tell you that they want to "think about it" or talk it over with their spouse, or perhaps "get back to you tomorrow." More

4 Tips to Improve Your Design Practice
Interiors & Sources
Growing a small business is no easy task. These four tips from Lloyd Princeton, founder of Design Management Company, will put you on the right path. More

How to Decorate a Long, Narrow Room
When you're clicking through images of gorgeous rooms to gather inspiration for your home, does it sometimes seem as though the ideas will work only in large or pleasingly proportioned rooms? The truth is, when a room is well designed, we don't notice when it's awkwardly shaped. Here, three interior designers share their tips for dealing with a common type of awkward space — a long, narrow room. More

Like Uber for Interior Design Philly
As they worked toward getting their design degrees at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., three women had a nagging feeling: They just weren't excited to enter the interior design industry. It was outdated, it wasn't affordable, and it lacked the instant gratification that millennials have come to expect. So they built their own interior design firm, a startup that blends the accessibility of "fast fashion" and the on-demand aspect of Uber. More