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Aug. 8, 2012

5 Ways To Build A Better Business
Through Blogging

Small Business Trends
Blogging comes chock full of benefits. It increases your authority in your market, it ensures there is always content to promote, and it can give you a boost in the search engines. But those aren’t the only ways blogging can help your business.More

Creating the Perfect Playroom
Color Chats
Kids just love to have a "parent- free"zone in the house, a special space to call their own, where they can be creative, hang out alone or with friends. Getting the kids involved makes it especially fun.More

Painting and Decorating with Yellow
The Washington Post
Trends in home decor often echo trends in fashion. So it's no surprise that shortly after Chanel's Resort collection introduced a buttery shade of tweed called "mimosa," and Proenza Schouler used fluorescent shades of citrus in its spring line, decorating blogs and Pinterest boards exploded with photos of rooms painted and accessorized with bright yellow.More

Published — IDS Member, Les Bernabi
Congratulations to IDS Member, Les Bernabi! A home his company, Ciao Interiors, designed and furnished was featured on pages 54-57 in a recent publication of 406 Woman Magazine. More

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Charmed Circle: Reese Witherspoon's Ojai Home
Elle Decor
Reese Witherspoon’s Southern charm has lit up such hit comedies as Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama, and her skill and intensity brought her an Oscar for her role as country singer June Carter Cash in Walk the Line. But when she purchased a historic Wallace Neff ranch five years ago in Ojai—a bucolic village in the foothills north of Los Angeles that served as Shangri-La in the 1937 film Lost Horizon—Witherspoon took on a far less flashy role. “When you buy a beautiful piece of art, you don’t really own it,” the preservation-minded actress says of the hideaway, where her family spends weekends and holidays. “You’re just the caretaker.” More

10-Point Checklist for Content Marketing
Business 2 Community
Content marketing is the new buzz that marketers and businesses are flocking to address the dramatic changes that have taken place in how to promote a product or service on the Internet. The idea is simple: Consistently create, publish and broadcast content that your prospects will find engaging and valuable. Easy, right?More

Be My Guest (In a 'Shedroom' Outside)
The Wall Street Journal
Style writer and interior designer Rita Konig writes about a unique location for a guest room. She says in part: "Ordinarily I am not a big fan of guesthouses. They always seem too far away and big with their sitting rooms and kitchens. I have never really understood this, as the point of friends staying over is to have them in your kitchen and sitting room. But a shed! It's an all-round winner." More

The New Neutrals
Beige. Taupe. Sand. Tan. Cream. White. Designers and homeowners alike rely heavily on these neutrals to act as the base to their interior color palettes. However, designers can stray from the traditional neutral safety net and embrace the "new neutrals": values of yellow, orange, red, blue, green and purple. There are ways to appropriately use just about any color of the spectrum in place of the standard neutrals.More

How to Begin An Interior Design Business
The Board Magazine
For some people, commencing an interior design company can be expensive and challenging. But the operation will become smooth when you have dedication and expertise on how to open the company. Certainly, it is not costly to file the right documents; however, you may need to spend a considerable amount of money for your marketing, office space and job security.More

5 Resurrected Old-World Interior Design Trends
Like a famous woman trying to pull off a pantsuit or a swan dress at the Oscars, these interior design trends can either be completely amazing — or just look like huge mistakes. It's a cautionary tale, really. Here's how to get them right.More

Creating Illusion with Drapery
Ciao Interiors
Window draperies are excellent in correcting a myriad of decorating shortcomings. You can make a room seem taller and open or intimate and cozy just by using different styles of window treatments and different fabrics.More

5 Essential Ingredients for Content Marketing Success
Are you including the five essential ingredients to your content marketing mix? Without them, your efforts won't deliver the results you want and need. Content marketing is a hot topic these days, and businesses are finding great success from publishing content both online and offline. However, much of that success is coming through sheer luck because the vast majority of businesses don't have the content marketing expertise that they need to drive long-term, sustainable, organic growth through their efforts. More

Go With The Flow
Along the ever-expanding coastline of Hawaii's Big Island, an architect and his family exchange fast-paced city life for a different kind of flow — the geological kind. More

An Eclectic Sutton Place Apartment
Architectural Digest
In 2006 my father, Frederick Eberstadt, was faced with a painful rite of passage. His wife of 52 years — my mother, Isabel Nash Eberstadt — had just died, and he now found himself, at age 80, rattling around the cavernous Park Avenue apartment in which they had lived since the 1950s, where they had raised two children and thrown legendary parties in rooms stuffed full of strange, beautiful art and curious antiques.More