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Sep. 19, 2012

How to Prevent Your Business From Ruining Your Personal Life
For entrepreneurs and small business owners, long hours can take a toll on personal relationships, leaving your partner feeling taken for granted while you focus on growing your business. These three simple techniques can help your relationship survive tough times without adding stress to your already busy life. Here's how.More

Published — IDS Professional Fellow Member: Ann Newton Spooner
Congratulations to IDS Professional Fellow, Ann Newton Spooner! Ann was recently featured in an article in the Charlotte Observer about the new trend of staircase makeovers. Click here to read the article.More

Nate Berkus on Writing the Story of a Home
The New York Times
The interior designer Nate Berkus first appeared on the national scene in 2002 as a guest on "Oprah." He was such a hit with the audience and the star that he became the show’s featured design expert. Since then, his career has boomed. He has written a book, "Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live Into a Place You'll Love," and starred in his own television program, "The Nate Berkus Show," which ended this spring. In October, Berkus, 40, will have two major introductions: a 150-piece collection of furnishings for Target, and a new book, "The Things That Matter". Speaking from his office in Chicago (he has another in New York), he spilled details about both projects. More

The Cult of Disappearing Design
The New York Times
The first thing you see when you walk into Patrick McInerney's living room is that there's nothing to see. The walls are bare, and ditto for the ceiling. You try to switch on the lights, but there doesn't appear to be a switch. There's music playing, but where is it coming from? The lamp is obviously working — the bulb is lighted, after all — but it seems to be plugged into … the plaster? Part interior illusionist and part aesthetic anorexic, McInerney is a practicing member of the cult of disappearing design, the now-you-see-it, now-you-don't ethos that aims to secrete away anything that needs a button, a cord or a subwoofer to work. More

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Spanish Influence: Carolina Herrera Baez at Home
Elle Decor
Her father is a marquis, her mother is a world-renowned fashion designer, and her husband is a famous former bullfighter from Spain. It's as close to a fairy-tale pedigree as one gets in the modern world. And yet Carolina Herrera Baez is refreshingly down to earth. "Just today I found 14 chairs in the garbage," she says. "They were perfectly good old metal chairs. I called the super of my building, and he helped me carry them home. …"More

A Colorful Fall Forecast
Interiors & Sources
One thing is for sure: We won't see a lack of color this fall. On the contrary, we will see a full spectrum as we look to fall with optimism. Saturated hues with positivity and energy, sensual, deep colors, complex pastels and textured neutrals all will be spotted this coming fall.More

Small Space Big Style: Hollywood Condo 'Show House' to Open
Los Angeles Times
Eight Los Angeles designers have created a hip "show house" in Hollywood, but what makes the Small Space Big Style design showcase different is its size. This is no 5,000-square-foot estate with guest house and maid’s quarters. It's a 1,400-square-foot unit inside the Hollywood Condos on Yucca Street. Organized by California Home + Design magazine, the two-bedroom, three-bath showcase opened recently inside architect Stephen Kanner's 2008 building, which has a 17-foot ceiling and soaring windows. Molly Luetkemeyer, Christopher Kennedy, Brian Patrick Flynn, Christian May, Azadeh Shladovsky, Erinn Valencich, and Mary Gray and Annette Goliti Gutierrez of the garden store Potted transformed the interiors by adding loads of color and inventive small-space solutions. More

The Most Useful iPad Business Apps
American Express OPEN Forum
Here are 12 great apps that you might not see in your typical roundup of business apps. We chose those that were highly rated by users — not selected by iTunes as "popular," because that doesn’t always mean that users like them.More

French It Up
The Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal columnist Sara Ruffin Costello discusses how designing with French pieces is always chic. Ruffin says in part: "At the outset of scheming my friend William's New York apartment, we concocted a character called "Cecile," a Bard graduate turned head of fundraising at the Metropolitan Museum whose favorite restaurant is the SoHo bistro Raoul's. This translated to pale lacquered walls hung with thoughtful art, persimmon velvet curtains and sleek furniture balanced by a few important French pieces."More

The Evolving Tastes of Younger Homeowners
While it's commonly assumed that younger consumers love complicated technology and anything trendy, that's not necessarily true when it comes to kitchen and bath design choices. In fact, while younger consumers may love their technology and idolize Tim Gunn, that doesn't mean they're willing to sacrifice practicality or durability in order to achieve their high-tech, fashion-forward vision.More

Dallas Designer's Latest Coffee-Table Book Celebrates French and Italian Decor
The Dallas Morning News
It's easy to envy Italy and France's culinary chops, fashion-savvy DNA and timeless interiors. Dallas designer Betty Lou Phillips celebrates those countries' sophisticated, captivating styles in her latest coffee-table book, The Allure of French and Italian Decor (Gibbs Smith, $50) out this month. “In the discriminating world of interior design, France and Italy have forever commanded respect with their fine furniture, regal array of textiles and treasured silk tapestries,” Phillips says in an email. "As it happens, even proud Americans readily concede that the French and Italians have an edge when it comes to creating artful, elegant interiors with the aura of romance and glamour." More

15 Free (or Cheap) Web Tools for Creative Entrepreneurs
American Express OPEN Forum
It's easier than ever to be a young, creative entrepreneur. Whether you're running a successful T-shirt company or just getting started commercializing your family's homemade soap recipe, there are new tools springing up online everyday to help you. These tools can save you time, help you be more effective, better spread your message and (most important) get you back to building beautiful products.More

Jenni Kayne's Family-Friendly Los Angeles Home
Architectural Digest
The rallying cries of the early 20th century's architectural revolution — "Form follows function!" "Ornament is crime!" — helped cement the popular belief that the International Style and its progeny were intrinsically cold and rigid. That prejudicial view persists to this day, perhaps because too few experiments in the softer side of modernism have offered persuasive arguments to the contrary. The Los Angeles home of fashion designer Jenni Kayne and real-estate agent Richard Ehrlich is an emphatic exception. With its crisp white walls and generous expanses of wood and stone, the house provides convincing proof that clean lines and spare details can be marshaled in the service of comfort and warmth. More

Are You Making It Hard For Customers To Buy From You?
Fast Company
What every marketer should worry about most is minimizing obstacles during the buying process — even if all it means is lacing up a pair of shoes. Run through this customer pain-point checklist to see if you're in the clear. More