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Sept. 21, 2011

Modern home decor out of history's hope chest
The Associated Press via Forbes
Contemporary home decor is yielding a little this season to a more traditional style evocative of the Edwardian and Victorian eras. We are seeing steamer trunks used as tables, Victorian illustrative prints and wallpapers, and new versions of period furniture. If you are interested in experimenting with this look without going all in, consider vintage linens. More

Nate Berkus: 12 things the designer can't live without
ELLE Decor
Nate Berkus may go down in history as the nicest guy in decorating. He'll tell you it's because, at heart, he's still a Midwesterner who remembers his first job — redoing his bedroom at age 8. Major purchase: a wooden box decoupaged with an English-foxhunt scene. "I thought it was the greatest," he says. Little more than a decade later, he was interning at an auction house in Chicago, and then working with a jeweler in Paris, where he developed an appreciation for the finer things, culminating in a taste for Charvet ties, Benneton stationery, and anything Hermès.More

Must-see movies starring architecture and design
Architectural Digest
In some films, a house, castle or high-rise apartment quietly rounds out the characters' personalities. In others, the set is key to the plot. Then there are movies where the location becomes the whole point of watching.More

First ladies of decor
The Financial Times
On Jan. 20 1961, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was inaugurated as the 35th president of the United States. Following his narrow election victory over Richard Nixon on Nov. 8, 1960, Kennedy's wife, Jacqueline, had begun to look at the White House, her new home, and she was frankly unimpressed with what she found. It seemed natural to her to turn to Sister Parish for help with the restoration and redecoration of the most iconic building in America. Others, however, were somewhat puzzled. The New York Times ran a headline proclaiming "Kennedys select nun to decorate White House." Soon, though, Sister's work on the White House had made her a household name across the United States.More

Fall's top design books
Architectural Digest
Black & White (and a Bit in Between): Timeless Interiors, Dramatic Accents, and Stylish Collections, a book by Celerie Kemble. The author celebrates the classic combination in her latest book, featuring her own work and that of her peers, including Miles Redd, Bunny Williams, and Delphine Krakoff. The designer also gives expert advice on everything from paints and surfaces to making a floor plan and keeping whites pristine. More

Trend alert: Persimmon
ELLE Decor
Persimmon is defined as any of various chiefly tropical trees of the genus Diospyros, having hard wood and orange-red fruit that is edible only when completely ripe. This spicy color has become the design world's latest obsession. More

Leaves are brown, plum and scarlett at Laura Ashley
PR Newswire
Laura Ashley launch their new range of products for the home. The label, who has shaped a long history of home furnishing, releases its range of seasonal products that are quintessentially Laura Ashley and quintissentially suited to the autumn and winter season. More

10 products that put a fresh face on traditional style
For all the talk of the reemergence of contemporary design, Americans are still middle-of-the-road people who like traditional product design, chrome finishes, white solid surface, and beige paint. The trouble is that most traditional products are not that exciting. But some manufacturers are finding a way to cater to the middlebrow with traditional products that feature cleaner lines, or classical designs that have been updated with a fresher look. More

Living small with multifunction furniture
The Vancouver Sun
Living with some of the most expensive land prices in Canada, interior designers in Metro Vancouver long have been forced to tweak architect Mies van der Rohe's catchphrase: Less, it seems, always must reveal more.More