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Oct. 2, 2013

Fall Decorating Ideas From a Designer to the Stars
all can be an awkward season to decorate for: The weather's not nice enough to keep the paper lanterns out, but it's too early to put up the Christmas lights. Instead of reaching into the grab bag at your nearest crafts store, take this advice from designer to the stars Adam Hunter. Despite his glamorous clients, Hunter's favorite fall decor focuses on the natural beauty of the season (which just happens to be the most affordable route). More

3 Questions for You to Ask Yourself About Employee Health Care
Small Business Trends
Small businesses face important decisions about employee benefits, and as deadlines for Affordable Care Act requirements draw near, timing is of the essence. You should consider the following three questions to make more informed decisions for your workforce.More

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan's Manhattan, NY, Home
Architectural Digest
There was no script, no pilot, basically just a sketch of an idea: a television comedy about a New York family man with a disability. But the lead role was to be played by Michael J. Fox, and the story lines would be loosely based on his experiences living with Parkinson's disease for the past two decades. (The actor's eponymous foundation has raised more than $300 million for Parkinson's research.) Multiple networks wanted the show. … In the more than 15 years since it was decorated by Marc Charbonnet in a traditional style (Architectural Digest, October 1997), the Fox-Pollan residence had gradually become a monument to entropy. More

Using Quora For Business
By Mayur Kisani
If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you should know about Quora. Founded by two former Facebook employees, Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever, this easy-to-navigate Q&A site has been growing considerably and generating a lot of buzz. More

Building Trust: 5 Tips to Establish Your Credibility for Business
Small Business Trends
In the age of the trust economy, credibility has become everything. That includes your personal credibility, the credibility of your brand, your business, your products and services and of everything else you do. More

3 Ways to Score Free Publicity for Your Small Business
YFS Magazine
Are you totally stumped when it comes to getting publicity for your business? Relax — you're not alone. Finding ways to get the word out about your amazing product or service is something that every entrepreneur deals with.More

You Are What You Stack
The New York Times
That books can be beautiful is a truism of bookmaking, an ancient fine art. That they can be decorative, a graphic object to deploy on horizontal surfaces like any other bibelot, is one that designers have embraced, with the result that certain titles tend to show up with the frequency of an overplayed pop song. From Taschen's "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities," the 20-pound behemoth from 2001 with its graphic red coral cover, to vintage titles like Osa Johnson's or anything from Slim Aarons, photographer of WASPs at play during the "Ice Storm" years, the coffee table book (or the illustrated book, to use the industry parlance) can say as much about a room's designer as its owner. More

7 Tips for Making Powerful New Connections
Business and personal success is all about making the right connections — new colleagues, employees, customers, friends, and partners — and finding the people who will lead you to new opportunities. But for many, it's more about volume than true connection.More

How To Organize A Vanity With Emily Current and Meritt Elliott
ELLE Decor
Emily Current and Meritt Elliott know style. They dress celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Jessica Alba, and put "boyfriend jeans" on the map with their celebrated denim line Current/Elliott, founded in 2008. These days, the duo is focused on styling and new projects, including designing a whimsical, Americana-inspired collection for PBteen. More

Is It Possible to Run a Business With Your Ex?
Merging business and personal life is not uncommon for entrepreneurial couples. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, 48 percent of U.S. small businesses are family-businesses, with husband and wife teams the most common type More

Eye-of-the-Tiger Decor
Home decor and fashion trends often collide. When the fall fashion catalogs starting flooding my mailbox, I took note of the many clothing articles featuring tigers and orange and black motifs. From there I hit the web to discover that home decor designers are keen on the trend as well. If you're looking for a decorating adventure this autumn, consider spicing things up with a tiger or two! More

4 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Small businesses spend 15 percent of their marketing budgets on email marketing, and 56 percent expect to increase their spending on the tactic this year, according to a survey by iContact. Yet only 32 percent say they're "very confident" with their email marketing strategy. More

The Tricky Science of Color Perception
Color is infinitely shifty. It's unstable in the presence of nearby colors. It's vulnerable to tricks of the light. It acts like it's moving when it's not. It can act like it's there when it's not. Yet the tricky, intertwined science and art of color perception still goes under-appreciated. More

10 Business Lessons You Should Know by Age 40
American Express OPEN Forum
A wealth of experience: Here are our top 10 lessons for entrepreneurs who want to get more out of work and life.More

Drew Barrymore Loves Throwing Furniture Arranging Parties
The Huffington Post
Who knew that Drew Barrymore was such a design enthusiast? Not only did she launch a Tastemaker Tag Sale with One Kings Lane last week (which naturally sold out in minutes) but she also admitted to Domaine Home how much she loves decorating.More