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Nov. 6, 2013

6 Unique Ways to Boost Web Traffic Without Marketing
Small Business Trends
Building a website is one thing, but getting website traffic and converting it into money is another. Steady growth should be your constant business objective. Have you planned a strategy to boost Web traffic without the use of marketing?More

9 A-List Designer Dining Rooms
ELLE Decor
See how nine designers at the top of their game bring style and ingenuity to the dining room. More

10 Ways You Should Never Describe Yourself
When other people use these words to describe your talents, it's OK. When you do it, you just sound like a pompous jerkMore

An Old Oregon Library Starts a New Chapter
This 1915 Craftsman cottage in Sellwood, Oregon, has a storied history: It originally served as a library. When the branch moved to larger digs, the building was used as a community center and a church, but then it sat empty for several years before a couple of New York voiceover artists saw past its dilapidated state and fell in love with it. More

Blogging for Interior Designers
Doodle Home
Whether it's a picture gallery displaying your latest project or an article on the best uses of color in kitchens, a blog gives interior designers an easy platform to market their business digitally. More

How to Avoid Copycats in Interior Design
Missing my Sunshine
Copying or imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — or so the saying goes. Copycats are par for the course when you're successful in creative business. It's an increasing problem as business has gone online. Here are some of tips to deal with this problem. More

It All Comes Back To Happy Customers
Under 30 CEO
Even though the subject of customer satisfaction has been touched many times, there's never enough to be said as most of the businesses keep doing the same mistakes all over again. And they wonder why their company or business is lacking profits. Pleeease! More

Set in Stone: Fall Trend Brings Minerals Indoors
The Associated Press via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Along with grainy woods, metallics and other textural elements, rock and mineral-themed decor is part of a fall trend toward nature and natural elements. More

Pinterest Introduces Related Pins
Pinterest is adding a new recommendations feature called Related Pins to users' feeds. The social sharing site will start rolling out recommendations soon, and they'll only be visible on a few pins in a user's feed. How will this work? If you like creatively decorated cupcakes, you might be into suggestions about how to decorate your dinner table when entertaining guests — so Pinterest will find and suggest great tablescapes for you to pin. More

What Not to Do When Taking Clients Out to Lunch
Entrepreneur via Reuters
It may be somewhat of a lost art, but a business lunch is one of the best ways to connect with your clients and earn more business. Just don't let your flawless business plan be overshadowed by your dining faux pas.More

A Childhood Home, and Poet' Muse
The New York Times
Julie Carlson's childhood home, a modest but elegant, mid-19th century white clapboard near the main street of Wellfleet, Mass. — also known as the "seacoast of Bohemia," as Mary McCarthy slyly described the town — has been evoked so many times in the poems of so many late-20th-century poets it deserves its own anthology. Patricia Goedicke imagined its "white curtains like loaves of bread."More

No Tone Unturned
Designers and their clients shopping for just the right paint color will see calm surroundings and global influences reflected in many brands' latest color palettes. Here are three common threads you'll see in 2014. More

Designing for Pleasure: Savor Your Natural Surroundings
A house that doesn't celebrate, or at least acknowledge, its site doesn't do all that it can to brighten the lives of the people who live there. Homes that capitalize on the challenges and opportunities dished out by their locales give us a psychological boost. They make us feel comfortable, safe and in control. They have a relationship with the world outside the front door. More

8 Tips For Delivering Difficult Employee Feedback
By Liz Murphy
Being in a leadership position can be rewarding, but it does require a lot of time and dedication to your people. In fact, one of the biggest responsibilities of a leader is identifying and correcting performance issues. Because an employee's performance can be a sensitive matter, here are eight tips to help you deliver difficult feedback in a way that produces positive results.More

Finishing Touch: Art in the Modern Home
You've got all the practical furniture you need and even a few statement pieces for added interest (see some of our picks here, here, and here) but now it's time for the finishing touch of any great interior design — the art. This article takes a look at eight fabulous modern homes complete with high design and perfectly placed works of art as the cherry on top. More

10 Ways to Make a Design Show Work for Your Business
WSI Designer Marketplace
Being selected to decorate a show house space affords a designer with the exciting opportunity to be the client for a change. During the proposal stage, it may feel as if anything is possible! However, just like when closing the deal with paying clients, there are often budgets, deadlines and construction challenges that will influence the end result. More