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Nov. 20, 2013

Thanksgiving: Expert Holiday Decor Tips, Design Advice for Dining Rooms
The Washington Post
Interior designer Tricia Huntley took to design at a young age, voted by her eighth grade peers as the student most likely to become an interior designer. "I collected Architectural Digest and other magazines, and starting drawing floor plans in grammar school," Huntley said.More

7 Traits That Distinguish Super Successful People From Ordinary Ones
How'd Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett do so well? They lived according to these seven strategic, wealth-building principles.More

Room For Debate: Open Shelving
ELLE Decor
There are few design decisions that draw as much controversy as open shelving. The critics are up in arms about the extra work needed to keep it clean — the enthusiasts love the incentive to stay tidy.More

10 Ways You Should Never Describe Yourself
When other people use these words to describe your talents, it's OK. When you do it, you just sound like a pompous jerk. More

The Golden Touch: A Gilded, Glamorous Paris Apartment
ELLE Decor
A young French-American design firm brings a fresh vision of luxury to a grand 19th-century apartment in Paris, infusing it with light and air, and just enough gilded glamor. More

10 Bold Ceiling Colors
InHabit Blog
The height of the ceiling can be adjusted accordingly by using the bold ceiling colors. The traditional approach has always been in using white as the go-to ceiling color, since it allows in making the room appear larger and brighter. More

Have You Heard the Hues? 15 Colors You May Not Know About
You never know when you might need to pump up your vocabulary. With the holidays fast approaching, you might soon find yourself in a friendly game of Scrabble or having cocktail conversation at some swanky party. Why not impress your friends and random strangers with extensive color knowledge?More

10 Simple Ways To Awaken Your Interiors With Luxe Details
If you love the sumptuous feel of satin and smooth textiles between your fingertips or the opulent style of crystal chandeliers sparkling in your home, you probably love all things luxurious and sumptuous! Commonly referred to, as "Luxe" details are the very essence of why we enjoy the finest of materials, fabrics, furniture and interior design style in our homes. Whether you are looking to bring a few luxe details to your interiors or you want to go all out, here's 10 simple ways to awaken your home with these gorgeous additions.More

High Point Market Fall 2013: Trend Watch
By Christina Mogk
Refined. Textural. Simple. Crafted. Strong. If asked to describe High Point's Fall Market trends for 2013, those are some of the first words that come to mind. If you're looking for one key takeaway: Details matter. More

Family-Sized Addition for Renovated Austin, Texas, Bungalow
Architect J.C. Schmeil renovated and added onto a 1935 Austin, Texas, bungalow in order to better accommodate his family: wife Ashley McLain, sons Corbin (13) and Beckett (10), and Shiner the rescue dog. They purchased the cottage in 1998, and after a couple of small renovations and considering a move, they realized they needed to add some serious square footage.More

Coolest Skylight in Los Angeles? 'String Beam' is 800 Rays of Inspiration
Los Angeles Times
It is, at its most basic level, simply plastic cord strung under a skylight. But the brilliance of Brian Thoreen and Brant Ritter's latest design is that it is so much more: light sculpture, optical illusion, creative inspiration.More

10 Ways to Boost Creativity for Design Professionals
Creativity is at the heart of all design, but seeking the inspiration to boost that creativity can sometimes be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help unblock the innovative process if you find yourself stuck in neutral. More

It's That Brownstone. Again.
The New York Times
Margaret Reid Boyer's photographs are arresting explorations of the evidence of family life and privilege: the domestic litter on a white marble bathroom sink; a patchwork of bright green sod in an expansive, lozenge-shaped backyard; a teenage girl with an inscrutable expression, a Parcheesi game laid out before her on an Indian print-covered table flanked by yellow Eames chairs. More

Not Feeling Inspired by Your Interior Design Business Anymore?
Molloy Management Blog
"I have been a designer for a very long time. I have always loved what I do, but it is not feeling the same to me now. I am burnt out. I am not excited anymore. I almost feel like quitting. What do I do?" If you can relate to these sentiments, Julia Molloy has some insight that might help you find your way back to inspiration and motivation. More

Ending consumer confusion in the countertop business
By Mike Hetherman
Premium decorative surfaces. These three little words are bringing a renewed excitement to the countertop industry. And defining "premium decorative surfaces" is bringing a clear, concise vision to the everyday countertop consumer. OK, so what the heck are premium decorative surfaces? When you move beyond the realm of laminate countertops, you have entered into the world of premium decorative surfaces. From quartz to granite, from solid surface to soapstone, these "higher end" surfaces are what consumers look for when they want to bring a definitive and "upgraded" style to their kitchen and bath countertop.More

How to Mix and Match Furniture for a Modern Home
Take a look into these 10 homes to see how they have effortlessly furnished their interiors with playful collections of mismatched items. More