Design Industry's Top Stories
Nov. 30, 2011

Sophisticated Redesign
Traditional Home
Being an interior designer has certain perks. You're given access to the best auctions and trade shows. Granted sneak peeks at the latest furnishings and fabrics. And, most important, you have the advantage of a prescient and discerning design eye-the ability to walk into a house and see past its glaring design flaws to the potential beyond. Designers see not the '70s wall-to-wall shag carpet but the wood floors that lie hidden beneath it. They notice not the dated pine-paneled walls but the mohair upholstery that will soon camouflage them. More

How to choose a proper lighting for living room
In any place, the correct placement of lights can completely change its looks. Putting lights at different angles makes even a small room look spacious and bigger. There are different pattern and shades of lights available that can be used for a place. But, there are some things that need to be kept in mind while choosing the lights. More

Drama lessons
Elle Decor
In updating an apartment that once belonged to a renowned decorator, Garrow Kedigian adapts, reuses, and recycles with theatrical flairMore

Winter home makeover: Today's hottest hues
Choose your favorite hue from our Color Hall of Fame. For instance, try teal. Don't be afraid of this daring peacock blue color which is a great modern take on your regular blue. Throw cushions or a few scattered pots in a teal shade instantly give a pop of unexpected color. More

Learn to see things differently
I find it so inspirational when I see people take products and furniture and use their imaginations to personalize somewhat mundane things into something special, writes Holly Becker, blogger and interior design consultant. That's the beauty of IKEA. Their price point is affordable and nothing feels precious which gives you freedom to explore your ideas — perhaps a lamp base would look better decoupaged in a favorite paper or a cabinet would be far better with new hardware and wallpaper hung on the inside. More

Mute Axis Pendant by Christian Vivanco for Luz Difusion
As we saw back in June with his colorful Beam Table Lamps, designer Christian Vivanco has a knack for synthesizing slim, sleek aesthetics with a signature simplified functionality. Vivanco's latest, Mute Axis for Luz Difusion, is a ceiling-mounted spotlight tailor-made for the new millennium. Like Beam, Mute Axis observes the proven dictum of form following function — the utility quotient, in this case, being the double rotation axes that deed the piece an impressively enhanced mobility. More

Indianapolis interior designer shapes home style innovation
Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis interior designer Julie Browning Bova is taking design to a higher level. Earlier this year, she introduced a furniture collection that speaks of horses and riding and Wild Air Farms, the Zionsville stable where one of her daughters rides. Now Bova is designing pieces for Stanford Furniture. More

When creativity hits the ceiling
Deccan Herald
Ceilings as a decor element can evoke mixed reactions, ranging from "what can you do on the ceiling" to "you can do so much." With evolving technologies, changing times and people willing to experiment, the market has options like never before. Starting with fundamentals, it is important that ceiling height is appropriate to the design of your home. The minimum height for dwelling spaces is between eight feet and ten feet. “The trend is to have a high ceiling with reference to scale and functional demands of a space. More

Phillips Collection creates Seat belt furniture line
World Interior Design Network
U.S.-based firm Phillips Collection has launched the Seat belt furniture range. The new line includes the Seat Belt Dining Chair, Seat Belt Bi-mine Bench as well as Seat Belt Ottoman. All the items don a contemporary style with fluid silhouettes, striped designs and hand-crafted artistic sculptures set against a backdrop of strong frames. The pieces come in a wide array of shades and are made in wood, reclaimed seat belts and various metallic accessories. More