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May. 22, 2013

Ambassador of the Year
Each year the IGLTA staff honors a member of its ambassador team at the Annual Global Convention. This year's Ambassador of the Year is Babs Daitch, a co-ambassador for the USA and founder of Las Vegas-based Thanks Babs the Day Tripper Tours. It's fitting to honor Babs in our 30th anniversary year given her longevity in the tourism industry. She's been a part of the association since 1990, including five years on the board of directors. In 1999, she received the President's Award (now Chair Award). She can be reached at usa@iglta.org. Please join us in saying, "Thanks Babs!"More

U.S., EU officials attend LGBT march in Moldova
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
About 100 people have taken part in a high-profile march organized by Moldova's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in the capital, Chisinau, under the slogan "Equal rights for all."More

Rudd: Gay marriage change a 'personal journey'
The Sydney Morning Herald
Kevin Rudd has denied hiding his true beliefs about same-sex marriage while he was Australia's prime minister, saying his current stance was the result of a "personal journey."More

Indian firms discover branding, marketing opportunity in LGBT events
The Economic Times
When film maker Sridhar Rangayan first launched the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, his financing was largely drawn from development agencies like UNDP and Amnesty International, which were then interested in creating greater awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in India. More

Slow response by Georgians to mob attack on gay rally
The New York Times
Georgian television captured clear images as a mob of more than 20,000 attacked a small gay rights march in downtown Tbilisi, sending at least 14 people to the hospital.More

Gay American travelers: Your government has your back
The Huffington Post
As America's most senior government officials talk the talk, its Bureau of Consular Affairs is walking the walk for LGBT travelers, making sure that U.S. citizens have access to accurate and current LGBT-specific information when planning overseas travel.More

Travel professionals loved visit here
Allegan News Online
Michael Jones writes, "How do I begin to thank all of the businesses/people who helped make our first International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association familiarization trip 5-8 May possible?" More

For Sweden's gay Eurovision fans, it's about the music
Agence France-Presse via Yahoo 7
When Finnish singer Krista Siegfrids ended her Eurovision Song Contest rehearsal performance by kissing one of her female dancers, few members of the audience raised an eyebrow.More

Queer films from Pakistan, Iran head for Kashish
This year the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival will be screening films from Pakistan, Iran, UAE, Morocco, Serbia and Slovakia.More

Study: Nonsmoking hotel rooms can still expose you to smoke
The Huffington Post
Think you're saving yourself from cigarette smoke by booking a nonsmoking hotel room? Think again. A new study in the journal Tobacco Control shows evidence that "thirdhand smoke" — which is air that's been polluted by tobacco smoke — is present in both smoking and nonsmoking rooms.More

This July, Goa will be a gay haven
India Times
IndjapInk, which claims to be the country's first and only gay boutique travel agency, has organized a "Life is a Beach" package that not only promises a "sexy group tour" to Goa but also "compatible roommates" if you've bought a single ticket.More

Travel events: DNA Gay Ski Week in Queenstown, New Zealand
So So Gay
Organizers of DNA Gay Ski Week Queenstown are "delighted" with the recent, exciting news that same-sex marriage in New Zealand is now legal, becoming the 13th country to legalize it. Couple Sally and Mandy Whitewoods said they are "over the moon" the law was passed and are looking forward to celebrating with friends and visitors at this year's event, which takes place from 31 August to 7 September. More

FCC takes step in right direction to improve in-flight broadband
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission took a step in the right direction by proposing a plan to improve in-flight broadband connectivity for airline passengers.More

The most irritating travel buzzwords
The Telegraph
As a boating holiday specialist comes up with a grating new buzzword — flocation — The Telegraph rounds up some other examples it's rated as awful.More

Jim Byers: A cheeky Holland video
Toronto Star
I haven't spent a lot of time in Holland, but their latest video sure gets me thinking about a trip back. It's a fun, cheeky piece of work that talks about everything from Van Gogh to gay-friendly lifestyles, not to mention fresh food, bicycles, tulips and beer. Oh, and cheese. And wooden shoes. And probably there's a windmill in there, too. And there's a fun bit about the one guy in Holland who doesn't speak English that's borderline brilliant.More