IIDA Spectrum
Jan. 16, 2014

Tech leads the way in office design
San Francisco Chronicle
Law firms, investment banks and research groups are just a few of the types of companies that are transforming their offices to look more like their tech neighbors down the street. According to industry experts, these traditional companies are making a wise decision in adopting the tech world's approach to office design.More

Designing for health: Small space, big message
At Children's Medical Center Dallas, an organization of more than 3,000 people and 200 departments, three groups who had never even shared the same building were co-located in a new space. See how this renovation in the built environment brought about a new culture.More

A radical new approach to prison design
Arch Daily
A recent topic that has been receiving attention among architects is the issue of designing prisons. Now Glen Santayana, a student at Harvard's Graduate School of Design, has used his thesis project to add to this debate, designing PriSchool — a prison that both integrates with a school of criminology and is embedded within the community. More

For the curious, the engaged, the informed: Ask Cheryl!
As a way to thank our 100,000+ Facebook followers, IIDA CEO Cheryl Durst is sharing her insight, knowledge and experience in a special forum this week only. Go ahead, ask her anything! That's right — anything! Want to know about her best celebrity run-in? Why she loves interior design? You can ask her! Post your questions on the IIDA Facebook page; we'll tape Cheryl's response and share it on Facebook. Get your questions in by this Friday, Jan. 17!More

Have you submitted your competition entries?
Now is the time to add some shine to your portfolio — by earning recognition in some of IIDA's most prestigious competitions. Two are now open for entries:

The deadline to enter is Feb. 14, with judging taking place March 1. Enter today!More

Building the profession: Student Mentoring Week 2014
Students play a vital role in furthering the design industry. In recognition of this fact, IIDA facilitates Student Mentoring Week every year, pairing industry veterans who are willing to share a day in their professional lives with students who are eager to learn. All who wish to participate — either as a mentor or a student — must register by Feb. 12. More

Archipad: Sketch and doodle on iPad
Archipad is a scale-aware sketching program that is an ideal tool for architects, interior and product designers.More

Dubai: Interior design market growing
Gulf News
The UAE hospitality interior design market, led by companies that provide furnishing for hotels, is on an upswing, boosted by tourism and the return of projects on hold in Dubai, according to Leila Abdul Rahim, director of hospitality interior design firm HBA/ Hirsch Bedner Associates in the Middle East.More

How to choose the best tax software for your business
Business News Daily
One of the most confusing aspects to running a business can be figuring out all of the associated tax laws. Choosing the right tax software is the key to making tax preparation easier.More

Need for speed: Improving website load times can boost your business
Stephanie Studer
People are impatient. A sweeping statement? Sure. But consider that Google engineers noticed in 2012 that a delay as short as 400 milliseconds was enough to drive visitors away from a website. To put that in perspective, that is roughly twice as long as it takes to blink. No matter what you hope to gain from your online presence, you can't expect to get it if your page loads at a snail's pace. So let's speed things up with a few simple tricks that are easy to implement.More