IIDA Spectrum
Jan. 29, 2015

Why Microsoft, Intel are bringing the outdoors into office design
Organizations ranging from Google to the federal government are testing the workplace benefits of biophilic design elements such as natural sunlight. But what if your office space or facility can't accommodate a skylight or a window, especially for interior offices?More

Startup fights open-office noise pollution with recycled plastic
The fashion in office design these days is all about being open. While that might have some advantages in terms of collaboration, not to mention cost, it also has significant downsides, like a total lack of privacy and interruptions from noisy neighbors. Social entrepreneur Stuart Jones thinks he's found an answer that's also environmentally friendly: a way to combine art, acoustic-control paneling, and plastics recycling.More

5 ways health care design must change
Healthcare Design
Trends in the design of health care facilities are bringing us to the edge of a completely re-imagined environment of care. This new landscape is built on the foundations of evidence-based design and patient-centered care, but it's a quantum leap from these somewhat tired objectives on their own. More

Designing the modern county jail
For more than a decade, county jails across the country have seen a surge in a population of inmates they are ill equipped to handle: those suffering from mental illness. From New York to Kansas to California, officials are addressing an issue they can no longer ignore, and part of that solution is designing jails that can safely, effectively, and humanely manage this new reality.More

42nd Annual Interior Design Competition and 23rd Annual Will Ching Design Competition
You still have time to enter the two premier IIDA design competitions, the Interior Design Competition and the Will Ching Design Competition. These international competitions honor outstanding, innovative, original designs in multiple categories, with the Interior Design Competition open to firms of any size and the Will Ching Design Competition open to firms of five employees or fewer. Deadline to submit your materials for either competition is Friday, Feb. 6.More

19th Annual IIDA/HD Product Design Competition now accepting entries
The IIDA/HD 19th Annual Product Design Competition honors innovation, function, and aesthetic advancements in the hospitality industry. Exhibitors at HD Expo 2015 are invited to submit product entries, which will be judged for design innovation, technical advancements, cost and value, environmental responsibility, aesthetics, need, and usage within hospitality applications. Entries are being accepted in eight categories; the deadline to enter is Friday, April 3.More

Experiments in working practices yield surprising results for design
Visitors to Clerkenwell Design Week found themselves taking part in a series of scientific experiments aimed at examining work space design and management. The results point to seismic possibilities. More

Marriott hopes small rooms are big draw
The Wall Street Journal
One of the world's biggest hospitality companies is trying to win new business with small hotel rooms accented by spare design and "industrial-chic" furniture.More

PDX factor: Portland airport's carpet inspires microbrews, memes and more
The city of Portland, Oregon, is about to lose one of its most beloved cultural institutions: its airport carpet. Believe it or not, the carpet at Portland International Airport (or the PDX carpet, as it's referred to locally) has inspired everything from poetry to beer flavors. More

7 important tips for getting hired in 2015
If you're ready for a career change or you're entering the workforce for the first time, fear not. There are options, even in a job market that's not too friendly to young people and graduates.More

Set your identity with your office design
Tech Cocktail
When you're running a business, corporate identity should be at the top of your list of priorities. Potential clients will judge your company at a glance. In fact, before you've even had a chance to market your services they will have already made their decision on a subconscious level. So before you go looking for clients and trying to secure business, take a step back and make sure your office design is worthy of their time and money.More

How to handle losing a major client
Harvard Business Review
Losing business is never an enjoyable experience. But if a big account does part ways, there are several things you can do to make sure it's not a total loss.More