IIDA Spectrum
Jan. 30, 2014

The science of office design
Entrepreneur via Reuters
Our environment has a powerful effect on us, both physically and mentally. As a generality, that may be obvious, but increasingly, researchers are using scientific studies to break it down into granular specifics. Revelations in the realm of neuroscience, social science and behavioral science are all having a profound influence on workplace design. More

Taking a first look at Heathrow's new Terminal 2
Talk Contract
Slated to open to the public on June 4, the £2.5 billion development replaces the old Terminal 2, dedicated by the Queen in 1955 and demolished after 54 years of service. The new 210,000-square-meter terminal will be home to 25 airlines and is expected to have 20 million passengers every year.More

5 big trends that will dominate office designs in 2014
Design & Trend
"From integrating the latest technology to increased collaboration among coworkers, work environments are changing and so must the way offices are furnished," said Ann Sennewald, vice president of merchandising at CORT, provider of transition services and furniture rental for businesses . "Offices designed in 2014 must reflect the needs of modern-day employees and invoke collaboration, flexibility, mobility and more." More

2014 Top 100 Giants: Which segment reigns?
Interior Design
Corporate offices remain the biggest generator, at 36 percent of fees, and hospitality, No. 2, rose slightly, to 18 percent. Coming in third, at 14 percent, health care/assisted living actually fell a bit. Residential and retail both saw significant gains for a combined 10 percent. For 2014, the Giants predict the hot zones will be education, retail and hospitality. More

Winning project images of 2013 Global Excellence Awards now live at iida.org
As the winners of the 2013 IIDA Global Excellence Awards bask in the glow of the ceremonies conducted during Maison & Objet Paris, Jan. 24-28, their work is showcased in the updated IIDA Global Excellence Awards online image gallery.More

Entries now being accepted for Library Interior Design Awards
This week marked the opening of the Library Interior Design Awards season, sponsored by the American Library Association and IIDA. Award winners demonstrate excellence in aesthetics, design, creativity, function and satisfaction of the client's objectives. Entries are due by March 28, with winners honored at the ALA Annual Conference in June.More

Company earns prestigious Orange Level Mentor status for Student Mentoring Week
After committing to mentor 15 students during IIDA's Student Mentoring Week 2014, Atlas Carpet Mills has become the first company to achieve the prestigious orange level status. Do you want to gain that status, too? Sign up as a mentor by Feb. 14 and host students who are seeking insight into the day-to-day workings of interior design professionals.

Students, we need your participation as well! Register for Student Mentoring Week 2014 before Feb. 12.More

The top 25 design finds at IDS 2014
Once a year, the design world's eyes are fixed firmly on Toronto. The Interior Design Show puts celebrated designers and massive international firms side by side with emerging Canadian and international creators, filling the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with some of the best eye candy the world has to offer. Here are some of the standout exhibits and creations, from the splashy and high-tech to the weird and whimsical (and, of course, the just plan gorgeous).More

DLN survey reveals current state of the design industry
The Editor at Large
The Design Leadership Network polled member firms that bill an average of $5 million per year for its proprietary "State of the Industry" survey — and the results are in. Findings below are broken down into the following categories: sales, budget, marketing, sourcing and business trends.More

Interior design gets its very own global holiday
The Editor at Large
What will you be doing Saturday, May 31? If you're an interior designer, you're in luck. The International Federation of Architects/Designers has hailed that special day World Interiors Day, dubbing the 2014 theme "Design Matters."More

Checking your email just might make you more creative
Psychology Today
Most of us have a grueling view of productivity. We hear experts tell us how to rigidly structure our calendar to make time for the serious work of completing a project. We are told that, when it comes time for serious work, we need to shut off our phones, close our doors and switch off our email function — or better yet, unplug the Internet connection entirely. But occasional, well-timed interruptions might actually enhance the quality of our work — especially when that work is creative.More

A new paradigm for older workers
Michael J. Berens
Results of a recent Gallup study show that large numbers of baby boomers plan to continue working well past the current average retirement age of 61 and even the traditional retirement age of 65. This is both good news and bad news for organizational leaders: good because older workers are valuable employees, bad because many organizations don't know what to do with older workers as they seek to increase opportunities for talented younger employees.More

6 ways to empower your employees with transformational leadership
Managers can attest to this experience: You ask an employee to carry out a task that has enough flexibility for creative input. Instead, the employee comes to you with an onslaught of questions, trying to pin down the exact parameters of the task. Researchers have found this leader-follower mindset is pervasive and can be hard to break.More