IIDA Spectrum
Apr. 17, 2014

How the modern office shapes American life
The Atlantic Cities
Each year, the average American spends nearly 2,000 hours working. For many, that time passes inside the three little walls of a modern cubicle. Writer Nikil Saval explores these odd spaces — how they came to be, how they make us feel, how they influence and reflect the power of the people who occupy them.More

12 restaurants with mouthwatering decor
Fast Company's Co.Design
For serious restaurateurs, serving delicious food is only half the battle. The other half is offering a dining space that combines aesthetics and functionality and elevates the experience of eating to the level of an enchanted ritual. The winners of the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, announced this month, show how to strike that balance.More

An introduction to airport design
As anyone who has been to Peru or Bali or Timbuktu can tell you, travel is not merely the experience of going somewhere. Travel design must convey a complex message: of place, of pleasure, of international exchange. Terminals are the Taj Mahals of travel design. The best are gateways to optimistic futures.More

The IIDA Foundation seeks student essays
The IIDA Foundation is currently seeking entries for the 1st Annual Wilsonart Essay Competition. This competition — open to Student Members who participated in IIDA Student Mentoring Week — invites entrants to submit original essays about their mentoring experiences. The winning essay will earn a $1,000 prize for its author.More

Entries still being accepted: 18th Annual IIDA/HD Product Design Competition
Have you submitted your entry for the IIDA/HD 18th Annual Product Design Competition? There's still time! Honoring innovation, functionality and aesthetic advancements in the hospitality industry, this competition is open to all exhibitors at HD Expo 2014. The deadline to submit is Friday, April 25. Contact Kierstin Snapp for more information.More

Milan Design Week: What's new and noteworthy
The editors at Dwell share the latest from the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. On Day No. 4 of their tour of Milan Design Week, Dwell editors find comfort among familiar faces and fresh perspective from up-and-comers.More

Time to close the Europe-US paint healthfulness gap
Healthy Building Network
Changes as significant as the elimination of lead and volatile organic compounds are rolling over the paint industry. Leading global paint companies are removing four classes of toxic ingredients from products sold in Europe in order to qualify for valued ecolabels. Many of the same companies dominate the U.S. market, but do not offer these healthier products for sale here. It is time they did.More

When to fire that abusive or disruptive customer
We all know customers are not always right — whether their behavior oversteps the bounds of civility or they issue invalid claims or unreasonable demands or make an out-and-out error. But customers are worthy of fair and considerate treatment. Wise organizations focus on helping them "discover" an error or misconception on their own rather than rubbing their noses in it.More

8 tips to dominate the competition in sales
Marc Wayshak
Your competitors are out there right now trying to sell your customers and prospects. That's the bad news. The good news is that, with the right selling strategy, it is easy to stand out from the competition. More