IIDA Spectrum
Apr. 23, 2015

Getting tactile with design
While we may be able to pinpoint what makes an office look good, identifying why it feels good is another story. Though it is perhaps the least studied of the senses in terms of office design, our sense of touch is closely associated with the emotion of comfort and warmth. Today, tactile design is morphing into a relatively new field, haptic design, which looks at touch in technology, especially mobile technology. More

Using restaurant design to catch millennials
Nation's Restaurant News
A picture-perfect restaurant design can go a long way to luring the sought-after millennial consumers — both as first-time visitor and repeat customer. More

Visual merchandising basics: Small displays
Retail Design World
For the successful visual merchandising of small merchandise there is one golden rule: Make the merchandise display seem larger than it is, and it will attract attention. More

A case study in flexibility and collaboration
Architizer CEO and HWKN Partner Marc Kushner knows firsthand that flexibility is crucial both in the world of tech startups and in office design. So when it came time to design the joint office of his two primary ventures, he looked for products that would give him the ability to expand and change over time.More

14 patterns of biophilic design
Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being, and expedite healing; as the world population continues to urbanize, these qualities are ever more important. Theorists, research scientists, and design practitioners have been working for decades to define aspects of nature that most impact our satisfaction with the built environment. "14 Patterns of Biophilic Design" articulates the relationships between nature, human biology, and the design of the built environment so that we may experience the human benefits of biophilia in our design applications.More

Pantone introduces its first new color in 3 years: Minion Yellow
UK Progressive
They're undoubtedly evil, based on their willingness to serve the most dastardly villain in the world. Yet the bespectacled, bright yellow "Despicable Me" Minions seem somehow innocent and lovable. Apparently the Pantone Color Institute thought so too, having created and named its first new color in three years after the little guys.More

A peek inside the minds of 'design mavericks'
Hotel News Now
A panel of "design mavericks" at BDwest shared their vastly different approaches to a number of projects around the globe. More

Deadline nears for 19th Annual IIDA/HD Product Design Competition
Exhibitors at HD Expo 2015 are invited to submit product entries, which will be judged on design innovation, technical advancements, cost and value, environmental responsibility, aesthetics, need, and usage within hospitality applications. Entries are due Friday, April 24. More

Futuristic hotel design unveiled ahead of 2018 Winter Olympics
As South Korea prepares to host the 2018 Winter Olympics in the city of Pyeong Chang, Seoul-based architects, Planning Korea, unveil a futuristic design for a resort hotel to host the many anticipated visitors to the area. More

Italian design firm unveils massive New York expansion
Interior Design
The Italian-headquartered design company SICIS, known for its colorful glass mosaic tiles, has announced it will expand its footprint in New York later this year.More

Do emoticons have a place in business communication?
Danielle Wegert
Communication is constantly adapting to new technology. Acronyms are now being used as whole messages (lol), hashtags are ubiquitous, and emoticons now supplement feelings and emotions. But is that smiley face appropriate to send to a co-worker? A business partner with whom you have a strong relationship? Your boss? A client?More

Is technology actually slowing us down?
Benoit Gruber
Welcome to the Digital Age, when technology is as much a survival necessity as food. However, as technology continues to advance, so must our understanding of how it all works and how to use it correctly.More