IIDA Spectrum
Jun. 4, 2015

New York designers: 'American taste is different'
What's the difference between design in America and Europe? Is it harder for designers to make a living in the United States? Is there any such thing as American design today? New York practitioners, curators and observers in the city were asked to give their views.More

How design can encourage secondary spend in hotels
Sam Stokoe, director and design lead at commercial design agency Newman Gauge, discusses how clever design can be used to encourage hotel guests to spend more during their stay. More

Scared to go fee based?
Design Biz Blueprint
Did you know that if you billed 20 hours a week, at $100 per hour, for 50 weeks a year (leaving two weeks off for vacation), you'd make $100,000? Did you also know that the average median wage for an interior designer in the United States is only $38,000? Even with this information, are you feeling uncomfortable or uneasy about taking your design business to the next level with fee based designing? If so, you're not alone. Many designers are stuck in the old hourly billing way that no longer works well in this new economy.More

IIDA announces the recipients of the 2015 Star and Titan awards

Entrepreneur and sustainability advocate Yves Béhar has been announced as the recipient of the 2015 IIDA Star Award, and Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, IIDA, of the 2015 IIDA Titan Award. Both will be celebrated at the IIDA Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 14. More

IIDA invites you to the 2015 Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 14
Celebrate NeoCon 2015 with us as we honor the IIDA 2015 – 2016 International Board of Directors, 2015 College of Fellows Inductees, and the recipients of the Star and Titan awards, and the IIDA Educator, Member, Student, and Chapter of the Year awards. Please RSVP by Friday, June 5 to attend in person or join IIDA members worldwide by livestreaming the event.More

IIDA/Contract Magazine Showroom & Booth Design Competition — deadline tomorrow!
The IIDA/Contract Magazine Showroom & Booth Design Competition honors originality of design, visual impact, effective use of materials, and the outstanding use of space, color, texture, lighting, and graphics in showrooms and booths at NeoCon2015. Winners will be featured in an upcoming issue of Contract magazine, select IIDA publications, and The Merchandise Mart's website.More

Building, tenant achieve energy advantages while earning Gold environmental status
Times Free Press
When the late Jim Berry bought the 17-story Chestnut Tower next to his own Republic Centre in 2009, he quickly realized what was then a largely vacant building would need to be revamped to be successful. So after paying $4 million to Franklin Haney, the original developer of the office tower, Berry proceeded to spend another $20 million to revamp and upgrade the Chestnut Street office complex with a new shell, windows, heating and air conditioning equipment, and a signature facade and first floor lobby highlighting the new name for the structure — Liberty Tower.More

Interface reports on impact of nature in office design
Interior Design
Interface's recently released Human Spaces report into the Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace, led by renowned organizational psychologist professor Sir Cary Cooper, has revealed that employees in environments with natural elements report a 15 percent higher level of well-being, are 6 percent more productive, and 15 percent more creative overall.More

A waterfront sauna so unique it both defies and defines tradition
National Post
Many architects welcome commissions for smaller-scale buildings from time to time — since they present a golden opportunity to experiment with form or to flex their creative muscles a bit. But this marvelous little structure, perched on the rocky shore of an island in Ontario's iconic Georgian Bay, goes a step further. For in a very real sense, it's as much a fine-art sculpture as a work of architecture.More

The cost of being an entrepreneur and the key attribute that determines success: Grit
Norm Brodsky, a coach and member of the New York chapter of the Inc. Business Owners council, is fond of saying, "As an entrepreneur, you'd better be successful because you're unemployable otherwise." And while he says this in a loving, nurturing sort of way, he reminds every CEO in the room there is a substantial cost of being an entrepreneur.More

How distractions cause stress and impede your ability to function
By Michael S. Haro, Ph.D.
If you are easily distracted, your level of stress likely rises with these distractions. In this state, your potential for making poor decisions and mistakes increases. Leaders and managers constantly face their share of distractions, so it's important to know how to handle them in the appropriate manner. Distractions are always present, and your reaction controls your behavior. The slogan, "As you think, so you go," fits because your thoughts direct your actions and behavior. Everything you do is a result of what you are thinking at the time.More