IIDA Spectrum
Jun. 12, 2014

Power of place
Steelcase 360°
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer caused a media stir in 2013 when she asked her employees to come "back to the office." Her edict created a great deal of speculation about her intent. Was it because she didn't trust that her employees were working? Or was it a strong signal to her employees about her belief that people need to come together in a physical place to be more collaborative and innovative? Steelcase finds leaders nodding their heads in agreement with Mayer because they are worried about an increasingly recognized issue that has bottom-line impact: employee engagement.More

Steelcase meets open office backlash with 'Susan Cain Quiet Spaces'
Open office layouts — once welcomed as the alternative to dehumanizing, "cagelike" cubicle farms — are now being bashed as too noisy, distracting and unproductive. Steelcase Inc. has a solution: Quiet spaces. The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based furniture maker is teaming up with Susan Cain, bestselling author of "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking," to create rooms where workers can escape the over-stimulation of the office work environment for a little peace.More

The open work environment: Removing barriers, not just walls
WorkDesign Magazine
A work space that's balanced and designed to satisfy the needs of the company and the employee may seem like a radical shift in thinking for many, but Elizabeth Dukes believes it's what the next generation of workers needs in order to fulfill their true potential.More

What if you treated office space like a hotel (without the bedrooms)?
Darwin's Corner
We can learn a lot from taking a hospitality focus in our office space. When you go to a hotel, you've more than likely selected one for a specific reason: convenience of location, price, amenities, food, a good night's sleep, exercise room and so forth. And, of course, it doesn't hurt to be warmly welcomed upon arrival. In fact, many of the amenities found in even budget hotels might make sense incorporating into your office space plans. More

3-D printing is revolutionizing construction, design
Renee Eaton
Most people have heard the stories about 3-D-printed gun and body parts. Now, additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the interior design, architectural and construction fields because it overcomes many of the limitations traditional practices have faced.More

Honoring IIDA's 2014 award recipients
Each year, IIDA shines a spotlight on design practitioners and influential members of the A&D community whose contributions and outstanding service inspire their colleagues and propel Interior Design into the future. Please join us in honoring the people who, in 2014, advanced the value of the Interior Design profession:

These honorees were recognized on Sunday, June 8, during the 2014 IIDA Annual Meeting at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, IL.More

IIDA announces Best of Competition winner of 41st Annual Interior Design Competition
The International Interior Design Association proudly announces A2 arquitectos as the Best of Competition winner of the 41st Annual Interior Design Competition for its Spa in Mallorca project in Porto Cristo, Spain. The Interior Design Competition, the longest-running annual competition hosted by IIDA, celebrates outstanding, innovative Interior Design/Interior Architecture that encourages new ideas and techniques in the design and furnishings of interior spaces. The Best of Competition Award was presented at COOL 2014, the annual IIDA black-tie awards gala, as part of the IIDA celebration at NeoCon. Additionally, an IIDA Designer Dialog feature will be released in the near future, showcasing the Spa in Mallorca project via the winning designers' narration and project images.More

IIDA announces winners of IIDA/Contract Magazine Showroom & Booth Competition at NeoCon 2014
The International Interior Design Association proudly announces the winners of the 2014 IIDA/Contract Magazine Showroom & Booth Design Competition, honoring originality of design, visual impact, effective use of materials and the outstanding use of space, color, texture, lighting and graphics in showrooms and booths at NeoCon. Judging for all showrooms and booths took place Sunday, June 8. All winners were announced and celebrated at NeoCon, with Best of Competition honors going to Bentley Mills, Inc.More

New performance-based design guide now available
Today's Facility Manager
The National Institute of Building Sciences has released the first broad-reaching, performance-based standard for use by facility owners and building industry professionals. The National Performance-Based Design Guide Beta Version 0.5 is a free, online tool, available for reference and public comment through the WBDG Whole Building Design Guide®.More

Staples launches new commercial interiors furniture division
Staples via Infolink
Leading Australian business products and services supplier Staples has launched Business Interiors by Staples, their new globally sourced office furniture division. More

Milliken honored for its commitment to arts
Innovation in Textiles
Milliken, an innovation company, has been recognized by Americans for the Arts, the nation's leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education, as one of the BCA 10: Best Businesses Partnering with the Arts in America for 2014. More

Dear Customer: You're fired
You hear a lot about customers' rights, which is important. But what about a company's rights? Many companies get abused and bullied by customers who try to work the system. How do you know when to try to make them happy and when to "fire" them as customers? More

5 reasons why diversity is crucial for success
Scott Steinberg
As you may have noticed, most working professionals tend to surround themselves with like-minded individuals who have similar backgrounds, experiences and education. But while it's important that everyone on a team buy into the same overarching vision and share similar goals, there are compelling reasons why it's crucial to work with others who possess different perspectives, skills and thoughts on how to achieve desired outcomes — even if their opinions run counter to ours.More