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Jul. 9, 2015

Future education design strives to give children more freedom in their learning
Interiors & Sources
Kids are curious, so the Kids Science Labs team believes learning should develop through exploration and experience, not explanation. The company's Learning and Discovery Lab is a 7,900-square-foot, hands-on complex in Chicago's South Loop for children aged 2 - 12. It's a place where kids can wonder about how their world works and ask why, and the architecture serves as participant in that discovery.More

Designing a hotel's third space
Hospitality Net
The third space describes a place where people congregate outside of the home (first space) and the office (second space). If you can engineer parts of a hotel — the lobby, the restaurant, the bar, the café, and so forth — as flourishing third spaces, then it will play to its advantage for both higher occupancy levels and hotel cachet.More

Upcoming IIDA competitions
IIDA presents more than 10 competitions annually, each one celebrating a unique sector of the interior design industry worldwide. Do you have what it takes to win? Enter one of our upcoming competitons that open on the date indicated below. Read more.

  • Best of Asia Pacific Design Awards – July 13
  • EDspaces Innovation Awards – Aug. 3
  • Global Excellence Awards – Oct. 5
  • Student Design Competition – Nov. 1
  • Interior Design Competition – Dec. 14
  • Will Ching Design Competition – Dec. 14
  • Best of Latin America and the Caribbean Competition – Feb. 22
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    Greenbuild 2015 Monumental Green
    We are proud to partner with the largest sustainable building event in the United States for a truly monumental week in Washington, D.C.! Join us this November for Greenbuild 2015 as we celebrate another year in one of the greenest cities in the country. IIDA members register today with code SECTORMBR8. More

    Watergate Hotel to open Ron Arad-designed spaces this fall
    Interior Design
    After undergoing several years of renovations, the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C., is set to reopen this fall. One of the key players in the project is Ron Arad of Ron Arad Architects, who has been commissioned to redesign the iconic hotel’s lobby, whiskey bar, restaurant, and outdoor spaces. Arad, who has been working on the project for the past three years, says that one of the most important things was keeping the history of the space in mind while complementing its original architecture, which was designed by late Italian architect Luigi Moretti in the 1960s.More

    3 ways in which the business case for green building design is
    moving on

    Workplace Insight
    The case for sustainable building design used to be based on two straightforward principles. The first was that buildings had to offer up some sustainable features to comply with the ethical standards of their occupiers. The second was that there was some financial benefit. Over the past couple of years, however, we have become increasingly aware of other drivers that might make us all re-evaluate how we approach sustainability.More

    Ingenious building material that shapeshifts in response to rain
    Fast Company
    When Chao Chen had to conduct a materials study during his second term at the Royal College of Art, he found inspiration while walking through London's Hyde Park on a rainy day. Picking up a pine cone, he noticed that it reacted to water by closing its outer shell. Now, he has developed a building material, based on the pine cone's anatomy, that can shapeshift in response to weather.More

    Tips for managing your design jobs
    Design Biz Blueprint
    Have you ever taken on a new client or job and discovered (to your dismay) that the client wants to run the job? They want to order what they want first, do things out of logical order and cause you to spend way more of your time on the job than what's really necessary? The solution to this frustrating situation is in managing the job from the start through your letter of agreement.More

    The best time of day to do everything at work
    Fast Company
    We all want to work smarter, and science and data have proven that timing plays an important role in scheduling different types of tasks at work, from getting a response to your email to asking for a raise. So grab your calendar and pencil in the best times to get these seven things done. More