IIDA Spectrum
Jul. 10, 2014

Why design is the most underutilized business tool
Interior Design
"The smartest players in corporate America are parlaying their work spaces into a competitive advantage. Here's How." So begins a special report by Design Leveraged, a new collaborative tapped by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association and IIDA to deliver a series of studies on why design may be the single most underutilized business tool. More

Flexible design and the future of offices
Officing Today
Perhaps the greatest challenge facing expansion-minded office business center operators is how to design and build out their next center. More

LEED v4 offers more stringent acoustical standards
Building Operating Management
Typically, the term indoor environmental quality evokes considerations of healthy indoor air along with visual and thermal comfort. Adequate ventilation, indoor pollution source control, equitable control of lighting systems, and access to daylight and views appropriately draw focus as key concepts for design teams endeavoring for optimal indoor environments. However, the high-performance design community is now beginning to recognize the importance of acoustical comfort as an important sensory influence in assessing IEQ.More

High-tech hotels
Boutique Design
Interactive gizmos, entertaining gadgets and an inventive array of digital visuals provide a new wireframe for customizable hotel design.More

Now accepting entries: The Best of Asia Pacific Design Awards
The Best of Asia Pacific Design Awards seeks to recognize and honor the highest level of creativity and design excellence in Interior Design/Architecture projects throughout Asia and the Asia-Pacific islands. The competition opened July 7 and the deadline to submit projects is Friday, Aug. 22. Fill out your entry form today!More

Submit your entry for IIDA Healthcare Interior Design Competition
IIDA's 3rd Annual Healthcare Interior Design Competition offers the opportunity to be recognized for advancements, originality and excellence in designing interior spaces for the healthcare sector. Enter online before Friday, Aug. 1.More

How is the modern workplace changing? Competition seeks tomorrow's trends
Rapid and dramatic developments are remaking how we work. The technology we utilize continues to evolve at a break-neck pace. The modern office is adjusting to the "work everywhere" approach while ushering in a new generation of employees with different expectations and standards. The Workplace of the Future 2.0 Design Competition asks the design community to imagine what our work lives will be in the next 10 to 15 years. More

World Interior of the Year Award announces best interiors of 2014
Arch Daily
The INSIDE World Festival of Interiors has announced the nominations for their Interior of the Year award for 2014. This award is an international honor that covers nine categories. This year's 60 nominations span the architectural spectrum, from schools to airports, and include well-known firms, such as MAKE Architects and a21 Studio.More

5 signs you're seriously overworked
You'd think it would be easy to spot when you're working too hard — long hours, painful wake-ups and general exhaustion are sure tip-offs, right? The funny thing is, our bodies and minds have a funny way of adjusting to the demands we place on them, at least for awhile. Stress can creep up on you. Keep an eye on your state of mind by watching out for these warning signs.More

The case against company loyalty
The worst-kept secret is that employees are making less on average every year. There are millions of reasons for this, but we're going to focus on one that we can control: Staying employed at the same company for over two years on average is going to make you earn less over your lifetime by about 50 percent or more.More