IIDA Spectrum
Jul. 17, 2014

Overdue notice: Transforming libraries into learning commons
Brian Stack
With stacks of books, card catalogs, microfiche readers and overhead projectors, many school libraries look more like museums featuring relics of the past and less like 21st-century student-centered classroom spaces. With the increased access to technology by teachers and students, some schools are contemplating whether it is time to close the library doors for good and find a better way to use the space that was once the information hub of the school. More

A model for repurposing closed schools
Target Commercial Interiors
Just because a school is shut down doesn't mean the building needs to stand lifeless. In Dallas, one program has found a new use for space. Here's what they did.More

The OR of the future
Outpatient Surgery
The ideal operating room of the future will feature an awe-inspiring array of cutting-edge technology, but it will also have another vital feature: It'll be designed to cultivate and support a perfect marriage of humans and machines, a union designed to bring out the best in each.More

IIDA competitions honor design excellence
IIDA presents more than a dozen competitions annually, each one celebrating a different aspect of Interior Design worldwide. Have you entered the two competitions that are now open?
        ● Healthcare Interior Design Competition: Entries due Friday, Aug. 1
        ● Best of Asia Pacific Design Awards: Entries due Friday, Aug. 22More

What's in a name? Advocacy updates
You may have noticed a change with regard to IIDA Government and Regulatory Affairs (aka GRA) recently. IIDA no longer refers to legislative affairs as GRA, but instead is using the term "Advocacy." While subtle to some, it underscores an important change in how IIDA views the way in which we advocate for our Members.More

5 buildings in Latin America that actually made a difference
Reports show that Latin America is more urbanized than any other region in the developing world, with 80 percent of its relatively young population living in cities today, a share expected to rise to 85 percent by 2025. This concentration of people is leading to socially conscious design thinking, with some shining examples of success.More

Activity spaces: A variety of spaces for a variety of work
Organizations are becoming more open and collaborative to better foster innovation and productivity. And new generations of employees are embracing these changes, creating a more social, diverse workplace of tomorrow. In this evolving workplace, activity spaces are "go-to" spaces accessible to everyone for everything from focused, individual work to large community gatherings.More

Effective office design should incorporate branding
OTJ Architects
OTJ Architects, based in Washington, D.C., has taken pains to assemble a team of the best architects and designers available. Those teams focus on key aspects of effective office design: communication and collaboration, energy efficiency and even furnishings. Now they are turning to another important consideration: branding.More

Why protecting intellectual property is crucial to business success
Because intellectual property is not a physical asset, it can easily be overlooked. However, safeguarding a company's intellectual property is crucial to developing and maintaining a successful business.More

LinkedIn's Connected app strengthens business relationships
LinkedIn's Connected app is a new standalone that's designed as a replacement to static contact lists. Instead of providing you only a name and a number, the app makes your network seem far more personal.More