IIDA Spectrum
Aug. 20, 2015

The psychology of restaurant design
Westchester Magazine
The best pleasures engage all our senses, and good restaurants aim to do the same. What we generalize as ambience, they distill to minute specifics. Those butter-gold walls that seem like a dining room staple? It's not due to an industry paint color discount or the owner's sunny disposition.More

We interrupt this program to bring you the state of design
Interiors & Sources
As the state of the entire IIDA union expands, with a record setting 15,000 members, there appears to be no stopping us from pushing the boundaries for the 21st-century design professional. Here is a midyear address to our industry (that will take less than an hour to experience and doesn't include the word "taxes").More

Is social media a waste of time?
Design Success University
Social media has some value if it is done right. It can create some buzz and traffic to your website, but not all social media efforts are worthy of a lot of time. When you’re already busy, you may feel that it is one more thing to add to your packed schedule. The effort can be worth it, but you need a plan that is broken down into a strategy, tactics and a budget, aka a marketing plan, before investing your time and money.More

IIDA Best of Asia Pacific Design Awards now open
The third annual IIDA Best of Asia Pacific Design Awards honors innovation and design excellence in Interior Design/Architecture throughout the Asia Pacific region. Submit, and your project could be featured in an issue of Contract magazine. More

IIDEXCanada International Travel Subsidy
Do you reside outside of Canada but want to attend 2015 IIDEXCanada in Toronto, Dec. 2 - 3? Here's your chance to apply for a stipend that includes a 50 percent reimbursement of round trip economy airfare (not including taxes), and up to two nights hotel stay for U.S. guests or three nights hotel stay for international guests in downtown Toronto.More

2015 EDspaces Innovation Awards Competition
Are you an exhibitor at ‪EDspaces‬ 2015 with a product designed for the learning environment? Enter the 2015 EDspaces Innovation Awards! All winning products, manufacturers, and designers will be included on the ‪‎IIDA‬ website. Winning products will be featured on the IIDA website and in Learning by Design magazine.More

Collaboration, creativity, technology — hallmarks of today's campus facilities
Building Design+Construction
At a time when competition for the cream of the student/faculty crop is intensifying, colleges and universities must recognize that students and parents are coming to expect an education environment that foments collaboration. Institutions of higher learning are placing greater emphasis in their construction and renovation plans on unstructured spaces that encourage transformational learning: collaboration, creative thinking, and technology use.More

Anagrama creates oversized bead maze for Kindo children's boutique
Branding and architecture firm Anagrama has built a giant bead maze that echoes Postmodernist colors and shapes in Mexico children's clothing store Kindo. Using oversized geometric beads placed on pastel and neon-coloured pipes that double as clothes rails, Anagrama designed the interior to engage visitors of all ages.More

Complex problems require interdisciplinary solutions
Interiors & Sources
Designers today are being asked to solve increasingly complicated problems. Whether planning for office space that encourages healthier behaviors or integrating multiple generations in one home, we must create spaces that are right today and relevant tomorrow. The urgency to solve today's complex building and design problems is making an interdisciplinary approach more important than ever.More

Safeguard your designs to avoid theft, lawsuit
By Lloyd Princeton
Whether it's vetting a design concept or solving problems on site, design projects take teamwork and team thinking. Many individuals may contribute to the final design and implementation. At the end of the day, though, it should be clear to all involved who owns the project and the rights to all concepts, sketches, renderings, presentation boards, photographs, etc. Otherwise, you could find yourself the victim of design theft or embroiled in a lawsuit.More