IIDA Spectrum
Sep. 5, 2013

What is the office of the future?
Once upon a time, a person asked to envision the workspace of the future might have detailed the trappings of a space-age utopia: robots, flying pods and out-of-this-world architecture. But ask today's architects about tomorrow's office, and the conversation is more likely to include touchpoints such as communication, collaboration and integration. Instead of being out of this world, the next wave of offices is down to earth — and, to a greater extent, designed around employees' needs and specific company cultures. More

Hotel renovation is back — and it's all about doing more with less
As hoteliers hung on for dear life during the Great Recession, renovation plans involving capital expenditures were put on indefinite hold. Providers in businesses such as furniture, fixtures and equipment, foodservice, case goods, fabrics, architecture and interior design — if they survived at all — were forced to cut staff and capacity dramatically to stay afloat. But beginning in 2010, the spigot began to slowly reopen. More

Low impact, high design
An experiment by Washington University called the Sustainable Land Lab has given rise to a restaurant concept focused on used shipping containers. But the project isn't just about creating a sustainably built restaurant. Its significance reaches much further. More

Interior design enters the startup culture
Venture Village
Google may have made the biggest splash in office design, but the company is not alone in embracing the idea that a creative environment can help stimulate inspiration and strengthen organizational culture. More

Ben & Jerry's new flavor: Fancier stores
In its first redesign under Unilever, funky scoop shop Ben & Jerry's goes upscale and global. Gone is the "children's playground" feel of the previous store design. In its place? Light fixtures made of antique milk bottles, pastoral farm murals and hardwood-style tile.More

New research by Hotel Fresh finds dated décor directly related to poor reviews
New research by the hotel décor maintenance company Hotel Fresh has uncovered a direct correlation between dated interiors and poor customer reviews. The study, which was completed using reviews from TripAdvisor, found in no uncertain terms that first impressions pack a real punch with guests. When walking into a hotel the first thing most took note of was the décor, and even hotels that were generally clean fared poorly when it came to reviews if the overall look and feel was one of a dated interior. More

Pro-pro bono
Interiors & Sources
Thanks to the power of design, architects and designers are uniquely poised to give back to their communities through pro bono project work. In a post-recession world it seems philanthropic design is here to stay, and business is booming.More

Why your business goals might need a reality check
Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-of-heart. You need a fair dose of optimism to succeed as an entrepreneur. But a very thin line separates optimism from illusion. More

Your website: The right side is the wrong side
Mark MacDonald
We've all become accustomed to well-designed, professional websites as we peruse the Internet. An interesting component of Web paradigm is where most ads are placed on a page — on the right side. Most people avoid the right side of a website. The right side is now the wrong side.More

Instagram video for marketing your business
Have you tried Instagram video yet? With the boom of social media and video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vine and Instagram, consumers have developed an appetite for shareable videos. A common misconception among small business owners is that video marketing is too costly, yet with Instagram's free 15-second video editing app, SMB owners now have an invaluable tool to engage their audience.More

Beat the deadline for 'Best Interiors of Latin America and the Caribbean'
You still have time to compete in the 2013 IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America competition — but you can't delay. Entries are due Sept. 16, and you can submit your application online to be considered.More

Space still available for 2013 San Francisco Leaders Breakfast
Join IIDA at the San Francisco Leaders Breakfast, where Candy Chang, founder and creator of Before I Die, will present the keynote address and two interior designers will be recognized for their contributions to the profession. Purchase tickets now!More