IIDA Spectrum
Oct. 17, 2013

2020 Vision: The future of restaurant design
Nation's Restaurant News
By 2020 restaurant architecture and design will embody both high-tech advancements and low-tech hospitality, appealing to consumers hungry for modern flourishes like cashless payments as well as the old-fashioned human touch. The lines between industry segments will blur further, with quick-service chains adopting the upscale decor of casual-dining competitors — localized through art and graphics — and full-service and fast-casual brands adopting tools to speed up service.More

How to walk 10,000 steps without leaving the desk
Work Design Magazine
Retrofit Weight Loss, a Chicago-based company focused on workplace wellness, exists to encourage healthy living. So when it was time to design space for its headquarters, company leaders wanted to make sure employees could "walk the talk" at work.More

Startup chic goes corporate as couches replace desks
The New York Times
Small startup tech companies have become known for renting tiny offices in expensive loft areas and providing employees a less structured work space — often without even a traditional desk. But the casual work space has taken hold in corporate America, too, as employees shift between remotely communicating and maintaining a base at work. More

The growing role of office space in business success
Spaces Jones Lang LaSalle
Today's leading businesses are rethinking their workplace strategies. Companies are looking to design and occupy spaces that better reflect and serve end goals. Research suggests the key may lie in efforts made to create the physical space employees need to succeed.More

Green technologies in the new One World Trade Center
Greener Ideal
Rising 104 floors above the ground, One World Trade Center features an extensive range of green technologies, both in its construction and in some of its functional features. Daylighting, recycled materials and conservation (of energy and water) headline the innovations.More

IIDA honored with ASAE Association Real Estate Award
Yesterday, at ASAE Headquarters in Washington, D.C., IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA, and IIDA International Board Vice President Rob Moylan, IIDA, accepted the ASAE Association Real Estate Award in the Professional Association category from ASAE and Studley Commercial Real Estate. The award underscores the effectiveness of the IIDA office as a design space and communicates to the world the organization's focus on Interior Design. More

Submissions being accepted for Global Excellence Awards
This annual worldwide design competition was established to honor and celebrate outstanding originality and excellence in the creation of international Interior Design/Interior Architecture projects in 10 categories. Submit your entries now!More

Fresh ideas for the future: Student Sustainable Design Competition
The Student Sustainable Design Competition will remain open for entries until online voting launches Nov. 15. This contest celebrates original sustainable design and rewards students whose projects demonstrate consistent, creative sustainable principles. Have you submitted your design? More

Beijing Design Week 2013: Remapping the city
Beijing Design Week might be a youthful three years old but it has already found a distinctive voice. "Beijing Design Week is less of a temporary showcase of finished products than [an exploration] into contextualized perspectives for design in a 21st-century city," said creative director Beatrice Leanza. "It's about bringing together makers, thinkers and government planners to 'challenge what design can do for a living urban ecosystem' in contemporary times."More

Using the power of minimalism to make a (design) point
Helsinki native and interior/prop stylist Susanna Vento glorifies what you'd call the quintessential Scandinavian look. When interior designing, she seamlessly melds organic, earthy materials with minimalist white surfaces to create totally dreamy spaces. When prop styling, she makes use of negative space simple materials and clean layouts.More

The top way to ensure your social media strategy will tank
Emma Fitzpatrick
One of the biggest impacts on social media strategy thus far was recently released in a new study from Econsultancy. The reason marketers are using social media is changing — and the new findings are detrimental to your long-term success on social media. More

3 tips for encouraging word-of-mouth promotion
Blogging PRWeb
Word-of-mouth recommendations give your brand a level of credibility that's hard to imitate. When it comes down to it, customers trust other customers. To generate authentic word of mouth, you first need customers to feel comfortable endorsing you. This requires taking a customer-centric approach to giving them a voice. Here's what to do.More

Using LinkedIn to connect with B2B buyers at trade shows
Skyline Trade Show Tips
LinkedIn, especially when combined with Twitter and Google Plus, offers trade show and conference presenters and attendees a way to connect with others before, during and after the event.More