IIDA Spectrum
Nov. 14, 2013

Your mission on display: Why good office design matters
Associations Now
Winners of the first-ever Association Real Estate Awards share thoughts behind their unique office designs and how good design can help embody an organization's mission.

Editor's note: IIDA won the inaugural ASAE Association Real Estate Award for Professional Associations.More

World's coolest offices of the future
You've never seen company headquarters like these. That's because they don't exist (yet). Here's a glimpse at the most amazing offices that will go up next year — and after.More

New model of care: Designing for medical homes
Healthcare Design
In today's health care environment, with its spiraling costs and downward pressures from the Affordable Care Act, some question whether old-fashioned house calls could be updated for today's needs. Some industry leaders are saying yes — and they point to the medical home delivery model as a possible solution. More

Portable office morphs into a bedroom
Fast Company's Co.Design
Architects, designers and overworked types everywhere would probably love to have a Fold-Inn at their disposal. But would the portable workspace — that's also a bedroom — help with health and productivity or just turn the office into one big slumber party?More

Can college-like offices help retain young employees?
Chicago Grid
New research suggests an office designed more like a college campus than a cube farm could be a driver for retaining millennial employees. Architecture firm HOK and furniture maker KI surveyed a few dozen businesses ranging from midsize to Fortune 50 and found that 82 percent said new hires experienced difficulty transitioning into corporate life, but only 16 percent responded by providing space to accommodate new workers' needs.More

IIDA and you: Advancing the profession together
The International Interior Design Association advances the profession through the progressive cultivation of innovative leadership and by constantly advocating for exceptional design. We work with you and for you to shape your future in design. Whether you are a student, a project manager, an entrepreneur or a retired designer, IIDA has a membership level and privileges for you.More

The clock is ticking on IIDA competitions for the year
The calendar is winding down for 2013, taking with it your chance to be recognized for outstanding design. Before the deadlines run out, be sure to enter these remaining IIDA competitions!


Parsons dean: Design education must change
Technology (aided and abetted by design), advances in scientific knowledge and shifts in social and cultural norms shaped design in the 20th century. Our problems today involve more complex and interconnected systems and call for a new paradigm. Design in the 21st century is of critical importance in both addressing these challenges and transforming them into opportunities to remake the world around us. To do so, design education must change.More

Minnesota wants to license interior designers
Minnesota, like Florida, Louisiana and Nevada, wants to license interior designers. Manicurists, packagers, mobile home installers and travel guides in Minnesota can't do their jobs without a license. Neither can high school sports coaches, auctioneers, title examiners and skin-care specialists. The designers are next on the legislature's palette, despite critics' claims that licensing — by design — largely protects and benefits elite designers who work for big firms.More

From barbers to interior designers, Michigan looks at changing requirements
Barbers, dietitians, electricians, polygraph examiners and interior designers in Michigan might not have a lot in common, but the occupations all face changes in the way they're regulated by the state. Michigan lawmakers are considering a slew of bills that would remove or amend licensing and regulatory restrictions on professional occupations.More

Who cares about 'likes' anyway?
Jeffrey Dobkin
Do you have a big "like" button wasting space on your website? Do you send visitors unimportant requests to "like" you, instead of valuable requests such asking for referrals? I guess you see where this is heading. What's the value of a like? Not much, really.More