IIDA Spectrum
Nov. 20, 2014

3 dimensions of interaction in office design
Jill Mendoza on LinkedIn
We are all aware of the growing enthusiasm for replacing private offices with open floor plans in order to encourage community and collaboration. Open floor plans, or indeed any type of design, can either encourage or discourage informal interactions, depending on a complex interplay of physical and social cues. More

The next library and the people who will use it
Pew Research Internet Project
At the 2014 AzLA/MPLA Annual Conference, Lee Rainie presented the latest findings from the Pew Research Center's library research and discussed the implications of that research for the future of libraries in three specific ways: the library as a place, the library as a connector of people, and the library as a platform for getting patrons the information and the contacts they seek.More

What workspaces do employees consider a must-have?
Competition for talent in the workplace is at an all-time high. Those seeking to attract and retain top talent, inspire innovative ideas and increase productivity are now realizing the office space is no longer just about the real estate, but rather a valuable tool that has the ability to generate specific targeted outcomes. More

What would pediatric patients spend their design dollars on?
Healthcare Design
When the design team behind the new Nemours Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children expansion in Delaware asked children what mattered to them in the design of the new inpatient space, what they heard surprised them. The results were shared during a session at the Healthcare Design Conference in San Diego.More

How to separate your office space intelligently
Young Office
Facebook's Menlo Park Campus, currently being designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry, is literally one large room for nearly 3,000 employees. Think about that: 3,000 people. . . in one 420,000-square-foot room. How does space get separated effectively? And what can smaller projects learn from this ambitious initiative?More

Bruce Mau: Massive changes
At the Chicago Humanities Festival lecture series JOURNEYS, sponsored and underwritten by IIDA Industry Member Herman Miller, the co-founder of the Massive Change Network, Bruce Mau, was invited to lecture on the power of design to bring positive, holistic change on a global scale.More

Raise your profile by entering IIDA design competitions
Have you entered an IIDA design awards competition this year? It's an excellent way to raise your professional profile and lend a critical eye to your own body of work. Currently, two competitions are open:

IIDA presents a wide range of competitions annually, each one celebrating a different aspect of interior design worldwide.More

IIDA names winners of EDspaces Innovation Awards
IIDA and EDmarket have named the winners of the second annual 2014 EDspaces Innovation Awards. The competition, which recognizes manufacturers and designers for excellence in product design for the learning environment, took place at the EDspaces tradeshow and conference in Tampa, Florida.More

Video recap: At the intersection of technology and design
Interior Design
Enjoy a quick recap of Interior Design's first-ever Futures: Tech + Design conference in San Francisco. About 160 designers, architects and manufacturers attended the one-day think tank, which featured panel discussions geared toward exploring the intersection of technology and design.More

Why Citi got rid of assigned desks
Harvard Business Review
It may seem odd to use a dystopian world as a model for an office workspace, but that's just what Citi did. Susan Catalano, Citi's managing director and COO of HR, was reading the Divergent series around the same time she was asked to assist with an open floor plan for the HR group's new workspace. The book influenced the end product. More

Forgotten Alvar Aalto library wins prize for restoration
Editor at Large
The two-decade project to restore Alvar Aalto's seminal Viipuri Library in Vyborg, Russia, has been awarded the 2014 World Monuments Fund/ Knoll Modernism Prize. More

How do leaders select the best talent?
Betty Boyd
One of the fundamental issues a leader must face is hiring the right people for the organization. This sometimes can seem like an insurmountable task. So how do leaders select the best talent? Here are five key components to building an effective team. More

How to fix the negative relationships that affect team performance
I/O at Work
Nearly all companies and organizations use teams to get work done, but can negative relationships be preventing that from happening? As common as teamwork is, the dynamics that make a team actually work are often overlooked.More