IIDA Spectrum
Dec. 5, 2013

Restorative design in secure environments
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Gregory Cook of HOK writes, "The treatment of the mentally ill in this country has dramatically changed over the past four decades; the burden of treating the mentally ill has fallen largely upon correctional institutions. Providing treatment within secure environments requires a change in strategy, from a punitive approach to a restorative one. This shift is both philosophical and environmental, requiring changes in administrative policies and procedures as well as an assessment of the facilities in which the policies are implemented."More

Starbucks designs for success
Starbucks, the world's largest coffee house, continues to brew success on land and at sea. Now it's taken its tall frappucinos to the railroad tracks.More

Inside the austere airports of your travel nightmares
This holiday season, Google has given humankind the great gift of Google Maps within transportation hubs, launching a service that allows over-preparing travelers Street View inside 16 airports, 59 rail stations and 16 popular points of interest. This is, of course, in addition to the Ikea floorplan maps Google floated a year ago.More

Colors paint vibrant guest experience
Hotel News Now
Choosing the right color in hotel design long has gone beyond what looks vibrant or pretty. Color and surface design send a message to the type of guest hotels wish to attract and make loyal.More

Join IIDA now and get the rest of the year free!
IIDA is welcoming new members who join now by giving them the rest of this year free! Becoming a member is easy: Simply choose the category that best fits your needs (designer, educator, dual, student or industry individual) and start taking advantage of the valuable benefits that make IIDA membership a must for interior designers around the world.More

CEU compliance: Deadlines, resources and more
The current CEU compliance period ends Dec. 31 — and IIDA offers a wealth of information to help you meet the requirements. Earn CEU credit through Perspective articles, Interior Design Notes in HEALTHCARE DESIGN and its sister publications, or visit the IIDA Knowledge Center for other opportunities. Be sure to follow the guidelines for earning and reporting CEU credit in order to remain compliant.More

Have you seen the Product of the Week? Make your holiday shopping easy
Throughout the month of December, IIDA is offering 20 percent off a different logo merchandise product each week while supplies last. During the week of Dec. 2-8, get a discount on the IIDA messenger bag. A Cheryl Durst favorite, the bag is available in three colors and is perfect for carrying your iPad, laptop, portfolio and more. To purchase IIDA promotional merchandise, fill out the order form and email it to Erin Cook or fax it to (312) 379-5159.More

Simply amazing: Global design in 30 images
Interior Design
Take a break to enjoy this amazing photography of international spaces featured in Interior Design's October edition. More

Deadline alert: Act now to compete in the 2014 Annual Design Showcase
IIDA with Vendome Group, SAGE and CHD
The Environments for Aging call for submissions for the 18th Annual Design Showcase edition closes this Friday, Dec. 6. If your healthcare design project fits in any of the seven contest categories, reserve your spot in the competition by Friday and then finish your electronic presentation by Jan. 7. Some projects will receive honorable mention, while others will receive the prestigious Citation of Merit award.More

IIDA's Color Invasion was an immersive, theatrical affair
The Editor at Large
Sporting top hats, fake mustaches and coattails, Steven South, president of the IIDA NY Chapter, and Brian Bates, co-chair of the Color Invasion committee, dressed to the "Witness the Spectacular" theme for the 11th annual Color Invasion event, inspired by vintage French circuses.More

SMART strategy: Got goals?
Karen Childress
Each new year brings with it the opportunity for a fresh start, a clean slate, giving thought to what might unfold over the next 12 months. Whether you're setting goals for your business or yourself, it's important to have a plan — and it might as well be a SMART one.More

Respecting other cultures: Do your research before an international meeting
You're in business. And business — first and foremost — is about people connecting with other people. As the age of information shrinks the world smaller and smaller with every tweet and Facebook update from Bolivia to Sudan, it is more important to know the etiquette, protocol and sensitivities of your potential business partners.More

The 10 commandments of superior staff performance
PM Hut
All managers seek superior on job performance from their staff. That's fine. But the reasons they fail to get it are usually the result of what the manager, not the employee, does or doesn't do. Follow these "10 Commandments" if you want the best performance from your employees.More