This Week With ISCA
Jan. 27, 2015

State senator revamping Illinois school funding overhaul
The Associated Press via Northwest Herald
The Democrat sponsoring a contentious plan to overhaul the state's nearly 20-year-old school funding formula said he's altering the bill it to help remove partisan and regional opposition for ease of passage. State Sen. Andy Manar of Bunker Hill proposed a measure last year to make school funding more equitable by directing more state money to poorer districts at the expense of wealthier ones. It passed the Senate but stalled in the House.More

Illinois is not actually requiring students to hand over their Facebook passwords
The Huffington Post
A barrage of news reports recently reported that Illinois students are now required to give schools the passwords to their social media accounts because of a new bill. The panic was brought on after the Triad Community Unit School District No. 2 in southern Illinois notified parents in a letter, obtained by Motherboard, that their children may be requested to provide their passwords.More

What happens when the Common Core becomes less ... common?
The Washington Post
The Common Core State Standards were envisioned as a way to measure most of the nation's students against a shared benchmark, but education experts say political upheaval and the messy reality of on-the-ground implementation is threatening that original goal.More

Illinois schools form a new blueprint for public education
Local Illinois school districts will meet Wednesday, Jan. 21, to discuss how to improve public education in the state. Schools in Henry, Stark, and Bureau Counties will meet to discuss the new blueprint for public education in Illinois. The blueprint is called Vision 20/20. The vision has many ideas on how to improve public education. One idea calls for more funding for Illinois school districts.More

Faces of MAP: Granting opportunities to students in Illinois
The DePaulia
Betzaira Herrera's mother only received a sixth-grade education in Mexico. In order to have a better life, she journeyed to the United States despite not speaking any English. A year later, Herrera's mother gave birth to her, and because of the lifestyle her mother had, she was raised with the idea that "education is the key to success." With that in mind, Herrera worked to go to college and eventually ended up at DePaul, where she is expected to graduate in the spring.More

State lawmaker pushing for miracle medicine in Illinois public schools
A new proposal in Springfield could equip Illinois public schools with life saving Narcan to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose. Lawmakers say the school nurse would have the miracle medicine on hand in case someone overdosed in the building. The new legislation would make school districts and authorized personnel immune from civil liabilities if Narcan is administered in "good faith." If an event were to occur at school, whether it is during school days, after school in the grounds, or during a sporting event. then there would be the availability of that drug to use,” says Senator Dave Syverson.More

4 ways to improve student mental-health support
Education Week
As school psychologists, we found the report by Connecticut's office of the child advocate on the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School both heartbreaking and frustrating. Heartbreaking because of the horrible losses to so many families. Frustrating because, although we are not in a position to judge the report's specifics, the identified systemic barriers to effectively meeting children's mental health needs are all too familiar. We are also concerned that attention to this issue is due to extremely rare violence rather than the well-established needs of millions of students.More