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Feb. 3, 2015

3 ways high school counselors can help students, parents
U.S. News & World Report
No day is typical for high school counselors. "You can have a student walk into your office and they could be homeless," says Tawnya Pringle, a school counselor at Hoover High School in San Diego. Or she may need to counsel another student stressed about making straight A's and worried his or her parents will be upset if that doesn't happen.More

State threatens sanctions if CPS defies standardized testing
Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Public Schools face harsh sanctions, including immediate loss of funding, if it follows through on plans to defy the state on standardized testing, Illinois State Board of Education officials said.More

State schools will investigate after-hours bullying
Chicago Tribune
A new law will force state schools to investigate reports of cyberbullying — even when it happens outside of school. The law, which took effect Jan. 1, doesn't tell schools how to investigate cyberbullying. And it doesn't ask school officials to troll students' social media posts, looking for bad behavior. Rather, it requires school boards to figure out the best way to help a victim if cyberbullying is reported.More

Michelle Obama: Counselors build the bridge to college
USA Today
Michelle Obama, the first lady, writes: "Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, it wasn't exactly a forgone conclusion that I would go to college. Neither of my parents and hardly anyone in my neighborhood had gone beyond high school, and while my folks were determined to see me and my brother Craig get a good education, they weren't exactly sure how to make that happen."More

Schools and parks are strong partners getting stronger
Rockford Register Star
Sports and recreation opportunities are among the building blocks of a strong community. Nearly two years ago in this space, we told you about the potential of an expanded collaboration between the Rockford Park District and the Rockford School District. We highlighted our goal to grow a middle school golf program, an excellent platform to revive dwindling participation and provide inclusive opportunities for students to develop physical and mental skills.More

Here are 10 of Illinois' top 50 school districts
The Huffington Post ranked 747 of Illinois' 863 public school districts based on schools' test scores. SchoolDigger determines a district's ranking by averaging the rank percentile of each school within a given district. Individual schools are ranked using the most recent reported test scores for math and English. More

App that helps parents talk to children about bullying
Bullying has become a widespread problem throughout our society, but there might be a way for parents to help. Bullying: It's everywhere. In our schools, playgrounds and not to mention social media. More

2 Illinois schools to receive national recognition
Belleville News-Democrat
Two Illinois schools with large low-income populations will receive national recognition for their academic achievement. The State Board of Education announced the recognition for Highland Elementary School in Skokie District 68 and HH Conrady Junior High School in North Palos District 117. More