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Jul. 14, 2015

Effective mental health treatment for young children and their families
The Huffington Post
Young children can and do face mental health challenges. Many factors contribute to mental health difficulties of infants and young children — from medical and developmental disorders to exposure to adversity, such as trauma or the stress that can come from situations such as witnessing domestic/community violence or living in poverty. It is estimated that between 9.5 percent and 14.2 percent of children from birth until age 5 experience an emotional or behavioral disturbance.More

Illinois' new school superintendent gets special perk for lower pension
Chicago Tribune
As a new Illinois employee, state school Superintendent Tony Smith landed in a less lucrative retirement plan designed to control pension costs — the Tier II plan unpopular with educators because it has lower benefits and stricter retirement rules than traditional systems.More

Point of no return: Alternative schooling should not be a dead end
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
When students are so disruptive that their behavior means teachers can't teach, schools must remove them from the classroom. That doesn't mean ejected students should stay trapped in an alternative program, but that's what happened to 14-year-old Allen Carter. He's not alone.More

Study: More teens, young adults taking antipsychotics
New York Daily News
A growing number of teens and young adults are being prescribed antipsychotics, a new study suggests. In particular, it appears they're being used to treat attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder — a condition for which the powerful drugs are not approved.More

Groundbreaking psychologist: The American education system completely misunderstands how to discipline children
Business Insider
Dr. Ross Greene would rather parents and teachers try to understand their misbehaving children than punish them. Greene, a clinical child psychologist and associate professor at Virginia Tech, first presented that idea in his 1998 book "The Explosive Child," in which he debuted a program he calls Collaborative & Proactive Solutions. More

Memory skill tied to fibbing
The Boston Globe
If your child is a skillful fibber, there may be an upside: It could be a sign of a strong working memory and a nimble mind, a new study suggests.More

School panel focused on diversity issues
The Beloit Daily News
The School District of Beloit Board of Education, Ad Hoc Diversity Committee and (E)Quality Committee are all working on initiatives to strengthen diversity in the district before school starts this fall. More

Michigan boy lands White House invite for anti-bullying video
New York Daily News
Take that, haters. An 11-year-old Michigan boy earned an invitation to the White House after confronting Internet bullies in an online video. Logan Fairbanks somberly read a string of fat-shaming, homophobic comments from critics in a YouTube posting that caught the attention of senior presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett.More

Alternative education program still afloat amid funding cuts
Journal Gazette & Times-Courier
For Whitney Brown, 17, and Alexandra Santrock, 16, attending Mattoon High School presented certain challenges that they struggled to overcome. "I didn't want to go to high school there," Santrock said. "There were just too many students and I didn't feel like I received the support I needed."More

Weeding out online bullying is tough, so let machines do it
Online abuse: There's just so, so much of it. Social networks teem with harassment and trolling, so much so that companies have outsourced the work of content moderation to an army of laborers, typically overseas, often at an enormous mental and emotional toll to the workers themselves.More