IPC Global Insight
Jul. 15, 2015

Are you prepared for the decline of lead-based electronics?
IPC has released a new market research study, "Issues and Outlook for Lead-Free Electronics in Military and Aerospace Applications." This study examines the current and future state of lead-free usage in high-reliability applications, as well as the impact usage will have on the industry. More

Cost effectiveness in reaching China market
Where does cost effectiveness come from? It comes from being proactive in your support for the electronics industry. More

IPC releases T-50M, terms and definitions for interconnecting and packaging electronic circuits
This ever evolving standard provides common language of terms and definitions for the electronics industry. More

High reliability for medical, military and automotive sectors
IPC Flexible Circuits – HDI conference will address challenges associated with Flex and HDI technology with a focus on high-reliability applications, notably in the military-aerospace and medical sectors. More

Meet your reliability challenges at IPC Europe Forum: Innovation for Reliability
Focus on critical high reliability issues, connect with experts and learn about innovations in materials, methodologies and testing, and more at IPC Europe Forum: Innovation for Reliability, October 13-15 in Essen, Germany. More

Join the conversation on how key EU directives and regulations affect your business
Updates on conflict minerals legislation, the RoHS Directive and other supply chain issues will be provided at IPC Conference on Government Regulation on October 13 in Essen, Germany. More

Submit an abstract or proposal for IPC APEX EXPO 2016
Submit an abstract for one of the industry’s premier technical conferences or provide a course proposal for one of its largest educational events. More

Land and conductor repair for electronic assemblies
This DVD training program demonstrates industry-approved repair techniques for electronic assemblies. Each procedure includes damage analysis, repair procedures and evaluation criteria. More

Tech question of the week
How can solder or copper bump heights on an IC or PC board be measured?More

New releases on standards, translations, market research ...
View recently released standards including IPC-T-50M, IPC-7801, IPC-A-610F, IPC J-STD-001F, IPC-1071A, IPC-8701, IPC-7092, and translations; market research documents; multimedia presentations; technical papers and more. More

Status of standardization: Standards for ballot and final drafts
View IPC documents under development.More

IPC member milestones
OM Group Electronic Chemicals, LLC (Maple Plain, Minn.) recently celebrated its 20th year as an IPC member. See other companies celebrating membership anniversaries.

New Members
Invest in your company by joining IPC and experience the membership benefits of the industry’s premier global association. Learn more about IPC membership.More

Graphene-based film can be used for efficient cooling of electronics
Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have developed a method for efficiently cooling electronics using graphene-based film. The film has a thermal conductivity capacity that is four times that of copper. Moreover, the graphene film is attachable to electronic components made of silicon, which favors the film's performance compared to typical graphene characteristics shown in previous, similar experiments.More

Novel battery uses light to produce power
R&D Magazine
To move the world toward sustainability, scientists are continuing to explore and improve ways to tap the vast power of sunlight to make fuels and generate electricity. Now they have come up with a brand-new way to use light — solar or artificial — to drive battery power safely. Their “photo battery,” reported in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, uses light and titanium nitride for the anode.More

Demonstrating stretchable conductor's ability to conduct
The art of paper cutting may slice through a roadblock on the way to flexible, stretchable electronics, a team of engineers and an artist at the University of Michigan has found. In the future, a little bend in your smartphone might be considered a feature rather than a defect. More

Things to consider when choosing a parylene coating service provider
Choosing parylene gets you halfway to protecting your company's products with the best possible conformal coating. To close the circle, unless you have invested in the proper equipment and training, you also need to choose the right service to apply the coating. More

Removing toxic electronics from NYC's waste
The Huffington Post
While the dangers of climate change attract more attention than other environmental issues, the problems of waste and toxics also persist — and are worthy of attention and action. One of the fastest growing environmental problems of the past decade has been the rapid increase in electronic waste. As society moves from the iPhone 2 to the iPhone 6, all of those old iPhones must go somewhere.More