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Sep. 1, 2015

Push to evolve — training and certification with IPC
IPC President and CEO John Mitchell encourages the electronics industry to “push to evolve” by highlighting the benefits of advancing methods for training and certification. More

Conflict minerals study finds only 25 percent of filers fully met Dodd-Frank Section 1502 requirements in 2014
A recent, independent evaluation of the public company “conflict mineral” filings submitted to the SEC for reporting year 2014 under Dodd-Frank Section 1502 found that of the 1,262 companies evaluated, 312 scored a perfect 100 percent and 245 scored below 75% in meeting the requirements of the SEC rule.More

North American PCB business growth continues
Year-over-year sales and order growth continued in July and the book-to-bill ratio strengthened to 1.09. More

Take action to oppose burdensome changes in overtime pay regulations
The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) has proposed changes to the white collar exemptions to federal overtime pay requirements. Comments on the proposal are due September 4, 2015. More

IPC-4101D-WAM1 brings significant changes and clarifications
This newly revised standard brings critical updates to the already valuable IPC-4101D, Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards. More

Court backs companies' free speech over conflict minerals
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit declared on August 18 that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cannot force public companies to declare whether their products may contain “conflict minerals.” More

IPC issues Technical Conference participation call for IPC APEX EXPO 2016
Submit an abstract for one of the industry’s premier technical conferences or provide a course proposal for one of its largest educational events. Deadline for technical conference paper abstracts extended to September 14, 2015.More

Connect with global leaders in high-reliability
Focus on critical high reliability issues, connect with experts and learn about innovations in materials, methodologies and testing, and more at IPC Europe Forum: Innovation for Reliability, October 13-15 in Essen, Germany. More

Key EU directives and regulations affect you, your customers, your business
Updates on conflict minerals legislation, the RoHS and REACH Directives and other supply chain issues will be provided at IPC Conference on Government Regulation on October 13 in Essen, Germany.More

High reliability for medical, military and automotive sectors
IPC Flexible Circuits — HDI Forum will address challenges associated with Flex and HDI technology with a focus on high-reliability applications, notably in the military-aerospace and medical sectors. More

The 7 sins of wire harness assembly
This DVD training program focuses on the most common problems that typically go wrong during the wire harness assembly process — and provides information on how to rectify each transgression.More

Tech question of the week
What is the storage threshold for ENIG after 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?More

New releases on standards, translations, market research
View recently released standards including IPC-T-50M, IPC-7801, IPC-A-610F, IPC J-STD-001F, IPC-1071A, IPC-8701, IPC-7092, and translations; market research documents; multimedia presentations; technical papers and more. More

Status of standardization: Standards for ballot and final drafts
View IPC documents under development.More

IPC member milestones
ADCO Circuits (Rochester Hills, Mich.) recently celebrated its 20th year as an IPC member. See other companies celebrating membership anniversaries. See other companies celebrating membership anniversaries.

New Members
Invest in your company by joining IPC and experience the membership benefits of the industry’s premier global association. Learn more about IPC membership.More

With silicon pushed to its limits, what will power the next electronics revolution?
The semiconducting silicon chip launched the revolution of electronics and computerisation that has made life in the opening years of the 21st century scarcely recognisable from the start of the last. Silicon integrated circuits underpin practically everything we take for granted now in our interconnected, digital world: controlling the systems we use and allowing us to access and share information at will.More

New manufacturing alliance helping DOD turn 'science fiction' hybrid electronics into reality
The Defense Department is investing $75 million in a new consortium of more than 160 companies, universities, government organizations and others to develop hybrid electronics. "This is an emerging technology that takes advanced flexible materials for circuits, communications, sensors, and power, and combines them with thinned silicon chips to ultimately produce the next generation of electronic products," Defense Secretary Ash Carter said while announcing the partnership with the FlexTech Alliance to create a new manufacturing innovation institute.More

China slowdown's next victim: Asian parts suppliers
The Wall Street Journal
The combined effects of China’s economic slowdown, a maturing smartphone industry and market volatility are sending jitters through Asian electronic-parts suppliers, which have relied on Chinese consumer demand and manufacturing muscle to power their growth in recent years.More

Electronic pill reality
R&D Magazine
In today’s world, it’s an exciting time for medical technology. And making smart use of modern digital innovations is bringing revolutions in healthcare for the young and old. The ability to combine information and function from various devices to personalize treatment based on individual conditions presents enormous opportunity to both improve health and reduce costs.More