ISPI Performance Digest
Jan. 4, 2011

Performance bill to expand agency reporting
Federal News Radio
A new agency performance bill is on its way to becoming law. But what will the provisions in the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 mean for how agencies disclose performance goals? Jon Desenberg, Policy Director at think tank the Performance Institute, told the Federal Drive, that the bill aims to increase communication between agencies and Congress.More

LMS platforms to further integrate with social learning
Training Zone
According to HR research and consulting firm Bersin & Associates, large companies in particular are replacing their older platforms with more integrated offerings that enable internal social networking, knowledge sharing, collaborative learning and the provision of expertise directories. Josh Bersin, the firm's president and chief executive, said: "The LMS market has expanded to one of total learning platforms. While the market appears to be mature, it actually is re-emerging as companies replace their legacy LMS systems with integrated talent management and social learning platforms."More

How to address the cultural aspects of HPT interventions
The HPT process allows us to identify potential interventions in international environments. However, sometimes performance issues might be related to — or exacerbated by — cultural differences. In addition, whether the performance issue is related to cultural differences or not, you might need a culturally appropriate intervention to address the issue. For example, is mentoring a good intervention in Malaysia? Is your manager in Japan not a decision-maker or are her cultural ways of communicating sending you the wrong message?More

Change management: Let's take it from the top
CMS Wire
How is your company structured to consume innovation? The leadership challenges of change management. "There are forces out there trying to stop our fun." This statement was made by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff at the Dreamforce conference two weeks ago. Repeat this statement back to yourself. If this statement were said by someone in your company, who would be the most likely person? Say we were considering the idea of social strategy. Would the most likely contender be IT? Would it be marketing? Would it be legal? Would it be C-level officers complaining, managers or employees?More

Amusement park game is a change agent
The Star Tribune
Bloomington, Minneapolis' Implementation Institute uses a computer game to help managers learn to deal with change. Here's a scenario. The VP of finance is on your case, the construction crew might walk and your assistant won't stop hovering. Voicemails and e-mails, all of them urgent, are piling up and you've got a drawer full of files to review. How are you going to do your job? How are you going to get all these people to do theirs? How are all of you going to work together to turn around this struggling, family-oriented regional theme park and develop new, high-tech thrill rides that will attract teens and make the property a national player? That's the challenge you face as project manager at Seasons Adventure Park, the fictional setting of an interactive computer game from the Implementation Institute, a Bloomington, Minn., based professional skills and performance training company.More

Triple-A thinking
Chief Learning Officer
How often have you overheard a group talking about a leader and saying that he or she "just doesn't get it?" Translation: That person isn't being strategic. Worse, do people say that about you? In a study by Harris Interactive of leaders from more than 150 U.S. companies, research showed that only 3 out of every 10 managers are strategic. Results from a strategic thinking assessment administered to more than 5,000 managers showed the average score for strategy skills is only 58 out of 100, or in school terms, an F. There's a big difference between throwing around the word strategic in a meeting and actually understanding what it means.More

Technology improving distance learning
Iowa City Press-Citizen
Advances in technology are helping expand and improve the quality of distance education in Iowa. Today, the virtual distance education classroom includes automatic voice- and motion-activated 360-degree or double-mount video cameras, and software that presents visual, audio, slideshow presentations, real-time instructor notes and personal space for student notes on the student's desktop computer screen.More

Cross-training benefits both firms and employees
News Day
Organizations that endeavour to have competitive advantage over others in this day need to initiate strategies that maximize the full utilization of their most valuable resource, human resource. This may call for an organization to have its employees acquire diverse knowledge about different operations of the organization. This brings us to the the concept of cross-training employees. What really is cross-training? It is training an employee to do different parts of the organization's work. More

The 7 most common project management mistakes CIOs make
Computer Weekly
CIOs spend much of their time identifying the right strategies for IT implementations, which invariably morph into projects and programs, writes Raed Haddad, senior vice-president, global delivery services, ESI International. A company's ability to implement or execute these efforts, which are often large and quite visible, is what distinguishes success from failure. CIOs too frequently get off track while attempting to keep their fingers on the pulse of these mission-critical projects. More

Face of quality: The quality profession continues to evolve
Quality Magazine
Jim L. Smith, a 44-year veteran in operations, engineering, research and development and quality management, wrote in Quality Magazine, "When looking back on more than four decades as a quality professional, it is fairly easy to see the evolutionary journey that took place during this period. During the first decade or so, the role was one of inspection. At that time, we were focused on preventing any manufacture or shipment of products that didn't meet the stringent requirements of the customer. We viewed ourselves as the organization's customer representative."More