ISPI Performance Digest
Jan. 6, 2015

Technology's impact on workers
Pew Research Internet Project
The Internet and cellphones have infiltrated every cranny of American workplaces, and digital technology has transformed vast numbers of American jobs. For most office workers now, life on the job means life online. Pew Research surveyed online a representative sample of adult Internet users and asked those who have jobs a series of questions about the role of digital technology in their work lives.More

The future of training? Think small
Learning Solutions
Large formal training programs feel tangible and impressive. Unfortunately, they may also be cumbersome, inefficient, and quickly outdated. Research also indicates that optimal learner focus only lasts about 10 to 18 minutes. "Microlearning" can make content more visible, extendable, reusable, and up to date while offering minimal disturbance to the daily work schedule.More

Things to stop doing in 2015
Harvard Business Review
Stop multitasking (it can be done). At the same time, stop working at an unsustainable pace. Stop feeling like you have to be authentic all the time. It could be holding you back. Stop holding yourself back in these five other ways, too. More

Personality trumps intelligence when learning
Big Think
Personality traits like conscientiousness and openness are better indicators of long-term academic success than traditional, standardized ways of measuring intelligence, according to a new study out of Griffith University.  In the largest ever review of personality and academic performance, Dr. Arthur Poropat found that students' assessment of their own personality was just as good at predicting academic success as were intelligence rankings.More

4 must-know ways to read a strategy document
The Brainzooming Group
As the year starts, you will generate and see many new strategy documents, especially within large organizations. These strategy documents will include strategic plans, business plans, product strategies, financial forecasts and current marketing initiatives. It is easy (and happens far too often) for executives to largely ignore the strategy documents.More

Defining processes in an organization
The world used to be a lot simpler. In the early '90s, most organizations were caught up in Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and were focused on defining their major value chains and then re-engineering them. In most cases, once a process was reengineered - turned from a cow path into a superhighway - IT prepared new software to facilitate the new improved process.More

The secret power of doing absolutely nothing
Thought Leaders LLC
Sometimes the key to getting a lot done is to actually do nothing at all. More