Performance Digest
Jan. 13, 2009

U.S. Department of State Ranks High on 2008 Federal Human Capital Survey
from U.S. Department of State
The U.S. Office of Personnel Management announced the results of the 2008 Federal Human Capital Survey, and the U.S. Department of State has placed in the top 10 of all government agencies in the areas of leadership and knowledge management, talent management, and job satisfaction. Additionally, the Department ranked in the top ten for highest increases in results-oriented performance culture. Rankings are based on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Human Capital Survey of about 417,000 executive branch employees in over 83 federal organizations, conducted in 2008. More

Obama's Performance Czar Has Tried to Improve IRS
from The Associated Press
Nancy Killefer, the management consultant chosen by President-elect Barack Obama to make federal agencies work better for the public, has a lot of experience trying to improve the agency taxpayers love to hate, the Internal Revenue Service. The longtime senior partner at the giant global consulting firm McKinsey & Co. has previously worked at the Treasury to modernize the IRS and on a public-private oversight board to push the tax agency to more aggressively pursue corporate and high-income tax cheats.Killefer returns to government to take a new White House job Obama created — chief performance officer — to make federal programs more efficient and more responsive to those they serve and to help eliminate those that don't work. More

Top 10 Tips for Improving Organizational Performance in 2009 through Successful Employee Goal Setting
from The Earth Times
As organizations prepare for annual employee goal setting sessions at the start of the New Year, SumTotal® Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUMT), the market leader and global provider of talent development solutions, released the top 10 tips HR managers can use to drive better organizational alignment for improved performance across their company. Implementing sound, universally accepted goal setting processes, coupled with the use of an effective system for managing and tracking these processes is one of the best ways HR can contribute to an organization’s bottom line. More

The Wisdom of the Collective
from Business Standard
Organizations need to go beyond individual leadership capabilities to look at the portfolio of leadership abilities. When writing about Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, Time magazine said in 1999, “Unlike so many of the inventions that have moved the world, this one truly was the work of one man. Thomas Edison got credit for the light bulb, but he had dozens of people in his lab working on it. William Shockley may have fathered the transistor, but two of his research scientists actually built it.” This in many ways points out the difference between teams that do things and the human need to identify one face or one person behind important achievements. So it is in corporate leadership. More

A Stop and Go Approach to Performance Improvement
Ask any nurse what his or her performance indicators are and you will likely get "the deer in the headlight" response. That is exactly the response we received when we asked this question at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y. We have worked as nurse leaders in acute care facilities for many years, and have seen quality initiatives come and go. Some work and some do not. Here we describe an idea that came about because of the constant pressures that nursing leadership is faced with in providing quality care to patients, monitoring that care, and maintaining that level of quality. More

Get Ready for the Next Intranet Generation
from The Guardian
Many teachers say the problem with learning platforms is that they have been imposed on them. Fiona Aubrey Smith thought the same until she started trying one out with very young children at Ranvilles infant school in Fareham. Personalization was the key to her work and she developed a simple principle: make the children responsible for personalizing the learning. "If learning is to be personalized, it has to be personalized by the person doing the learning, rather than the person delivering the teaching," she says. Described simply, a learning platform is a "super" version of what schools might previously have called their intranet. The platform enables a school to support teaching, learning, management and administration with a network of software tools and applications that make a comprehensive learning system. More

Department of Defense Jobs Subject to Possible Outsourcing
from Federal Times
The Defense Department is studying the possible outsourcing of nearly 9,000 civilian jobs, according to a new report. About two-thirds of those jobs are in the Navy and more than one in five are in the Army; the remainder are spread across other military services and Defense Department agencies. The fates of those jobs will be decided in the coming months in 39 jobs competitions in which teams of federal employees compete with contractors to do federal work more cheaply and efficiently. The practice of opening federal jobs to contractor competition is called competitive sourcing. Details of the department’s competitive sourcing program were included in a new report, released yesterday by the Pentagon’s inspector general’s office. More

Invest In Human Capital
from Daily Guide
The Indepedent Presidential Candidate in the 2008 Ghana general elections, Kwesi Amoafo-Yeboah has said Ghana needs to greatly invest in its people to improve its economic situation. Speaking in an interview with City & Business Guide, Amoafo Yeboah noted that such a move requires the creation of more jobs for people and the improvement of their living standards so “we will generate money, through taxation for further investment in the economy and in our people.” According to him, this will further boost infrastructural development, provide proper healthcare, and improve the educational system in the country. More

The Value of a 'Portable' Career
from Working Knowledge
Stellar teamwork and star talent will be on display February 1 at the National Football League's annual Super Bowl, in Tampa Bay, Florida. For football fans, the much-awaited Super Bowl is the highlight of the year. Minus the dramatic interceptions and exciting touchdowns, however, football teams are not so different from organizational teams in other fields of life, including business. That's the message of new research by HBS professor Boris Groysberg, Lex Sant, and Robin Abrahams. Their case study "When Stars Migrate, Do They Still Perform Like Stars?" looks at the "portability" of performance and the likelihood that some positions may improve or diminish one's prospects for career advancement. More