ISPI Performance Digest
Jan. 13, 2015

Mythical retention data and the corrupted cone
Will At Work Learning
Have you ever seen "research" presented to demonstrate some truth about human learning? It is hurting learners throughout the world — and it must be stopped.More

The science of setting goals
There's a science to setting goals. The problem is it often stays in the ivory tower or gets muddled with misinformation. Kelly McGonigal, a psychologist at Stanford University, discusses the best way to set and accomplish a goal, scientifically speaking.More

Sketchnoting for beginners
Sylvia Duckworth
Sketchnoting, while not a new concept, is enjoying a surge of popularity among many learning communities. This presentation offers a primer on the technique.More

Mindfulness can literally change your brain
Harvard Business Review
The business world is abuzz with mindfulness. But perhaps you haven't heard that the hype is backed by hard science.More

All aboard! Leader onboarding is a team effort
Gus Prestera on LinkedIn
With talent mobility, leadership pipeline, retention, culture, engagement and inclusion moving to the talent management forefront — according to Bersin's Predictions for 2015, it will become increasingly important for organizations to optimize their onboarding processes for new leaders as well as recently promoted and/or transferred leaders.More

Performance improvement predictions for 2015
Holidays and celebrations behind us, we are now back at work with a whole new slate of personal and organizational goals, targets and objectives (and fresh resolve to make them happen). Within your organization, the beginning of the year offers a new set of goals and targets, as well as a clean slate of metrics by which to gauge your progress. The start of a new year is also a time for many to make predictions. More

How to analyze existing programs for instructional design ideas
S4 NetQuest
Many mission-critical training programs still use a classroom lecture approach with Power Point presentations, handouts and a multiple choice test at the end. To improve instructional design, review the learning objectives, verify your assumptions about your audience and then analyze your existing program.More

The organizational strategy that can help you accomplish every task
Setting priorities may well be the easiest, difficult task on your to-do list. As daily tasks — and, yes, even large projects pile up — knowing what to do now and what to put on hold for later can be difficult.More