ISPI Performance Digest
Feb. 21, 2012

Engage staff, educate front line, increase profits
Triple Pundit
Claudia Capitini, the aptly named sustainability maven at Eco-Products, had a problem. She knew, as smart companies do, that sustainability is the path to greater prosperity and profitability. But with a large sales staff that had no formal training in sustainability, Capitini needed to enhance their understanding of the environmental attributes of the company's products so they could sell them effectively.More

Analytics: The business success you need to plan for
Insurance & Technology
Understanding analytics will help insurers re-engineer their business processes. After the analytics have been implemented, what's next? How can insurers use analytics to change and optimize their business processes?More

Employees want a higher sense of accountability on the job
A new survey from Fierce Inc. reveals many employees feel their organization's workplace practices are ineffective — and 44 percent think they actually hinder employee productivity and morale. In fact, another 47 percent of respondents said their organization's current practices consistently get in the way of desired results rather than optimize the overall success of the business.More

Driving innovation
HRM Asia
Companies are changing their business practices to be more innovative in order to engage their employees. HRM looks into what the human resources sector is doing to help promote a culture of creative thinking.More

New training tool puts staff 'in harm's way'
Santa Maria Times
Surrounded by desert terrain as a helicopter flew overhead, an alert Staff Sgt. Manuel Amaya quickly raised his gun to fire in rapid succession as armed insurgents shot at him. Then he smiled widely. After all, he was safely tucked into a new high-tech simulator at Vandenberg Air Force Base. More

Skills gap: A shared problem
The Engineer
Skills shortages now are the No. 1 issue for the process industries worldwide, industry leaders report. The problems, they say, are most acute in countries that have, during recent times, reduced their focus on manufacturing.More

Leadership development: The never-ending journey
The strategies and behaviors that set high-performing organizations apart are highlighted in a new study — i4cp's Leadership Competencies: Readying for the Future — that has uncovered evidence showing high performers think differently when it comes to leadership development and the challenges their leaders likely will face in the years ahead.More

Survey: Business is entering era of decentralized decision-making
Tech Journal
New figures from a study sponsored by Ricoh show that by 2020 the effect of new technology in the workplace will force businesses into a new era of decentralization. The research, conducted by the Economist Intelligence unit, shows 63 percent of business leaders predict a shift toward a more decentralized business model as business decision-making moves from management boards to individual employees.More