ISPI Performance Digest
Feb. 25, 2014

The 9 levels of work hell
Fast Company
Dante has nothing on the endless loops of interruptions, overwhelming emails and pointless formalities that plague the workplace. Here's how to break free.More

Journaling for professional development
Mind Tools
Would you like to become a better communicator, develop self-awareness, build self-confidence and learn quickly from mistakes — all with one simple, daily habit? All of this (and more) is possible when you keep a journal.More

'Shared Expectations' and rapid change
Process Excellence Network
Have you found that some tools are timeless? In good times or bad, they serve us well. Jeff Cole recounts his experience with a timeless method called "Shared Expectations" — something so powerful it prompted Cole to secure the rights to the methodology. More

4 tips for leading with your actions
Business Management Daily
Whether you're in an official leader­­ship role or just someone people look up to at work, what you say is important and so is what you do. Douglas Conant, founder of Conant­Leadership and chairman of Avon Prod­­ucts, knows how many people are watching and being influenced by his behavior, and he calls on ­others to "[b]e the exception. Honor others with your attention and they will honor you with their commitment, hard work and trust."More

In a new culture, wait to cut to the chase
Harvard Business Review
Xavier Frei wanted to get down to business. A Zurich-born manager with 10 years of experience working in Germany and Switzerland, Xavier had just landed a few days ago in Monterrey, Mexico. Excited about his new role and anxious to get quick results to impress his own manager, Xavier wanted to hit the ground running. Instead, he hit a cultural barrier.More

Infographic: Global e-learning market
eLearning Infographics
Where is the global e-learning market going? This infographic presents data, trends and previsions that can help with predictions about the global e-learning market. More

Inequality, productivity and WhatsApp
Robert Reich
If you ever wonder what's fueling America's staggering inequality, ponder Facebook's acquisition of the mobile messaging company WhatsApp. The combination of digital technologies with huge network effects is pushing the ratio of employees to customers to new lows.More

The learning flow and the user experience
What advantages does a learning flow bring to the individual? Let's compare the user experience in the traditional online course (or e-learning) and in activity streams.More