ISPI Performance Digest
Feb. 26, 2013

Crowdsourcing your way to more effective leadership
Fast Company
It's not just a tool for innovation anymore. Today's top leaders — more miners than oracles — need to learn from clients and customers efficiently and effectively.

Editor's note: ISPI is testing WeAchieve™ to do crowdsourcing at the convention.More

Speakers headline THE Performance Improvement Conference 2013
THE Performance Improvement Conference 2013, "Many Approaches – Discover What Works," April 12-17, features three distinguished keynote speakers:


The February slump: 10 ways to increase employee productivity
The Globe and Mail
With winter malaise in full swing and the holidays a distant memory, this time of year can kill productivity. To help you and your employees get through the February slump, here's a couple tips for that have worked wonders.More

Majority of employees say benefits 'extremely influential' on productivity
The 2012 Aflac Workforces Report surveyed more than 1,800 HR professionals and 6,151 employed adults to determine each group's priorities and beliefs regarding employee benefits. It found that there are quantifiable connections between the quality of an employer's benefits package and employee performance and retention.More

Talent executive: Performance reviews are huge morale killers
Business Insider
The annual performance review is one of the most ubiquitous features of working in corporate America. A vast majority of companies do some version of them, tasking managers with rating employees numerically. Anyone who's been through the process, either producing or receiving such evaluations, can testify to how unpleasant it is. More

Dealing with documents hampers productivity
Dynamic Business
A recent white paper has found that dealing with document challenges is costing companies millions of dollars each year in lost productivity. Research found that information workers waste significant amounts of time each week dealing with challenges related to working with documents.More