ISPI Performance Digest
Mar. 4, 2014

Need to improve your network? We have the perfect solution…
A series of video clips from industry leaders explains some of the key benefits you'll get from attending THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014, April 11-16 in Indianapolis. From preconference workshops to 99-second presentations, you'll gain crucial knowledge from the educational presentations. Even better? You'll meet colleagues from around the world, establishing an instant connection and expanding your professional network. Register today!More

Engage a mentor with a short-term project
Harvard Business Review
Young workers seek mentors for guidance and support in helping them grow professionally. But finding that unique supporter can be a challenge. One way to improve the odds of getting the mentor you want is to be sensitive to their limited time through a short engagement. Think really short, as in less than a month — in essence, a micro-mentor.More

A model for corporate mobile learning
Most of the academic research and discussion around mobile learning starts from the more traditional end of the learning spectrum: school, university, the academic study of learning itself. This is both worthy and useful. But it misses out on two facts that Qualcomm believes are critical to mobile learning success.More

How indoor lighting can affect decision-making
Facility managers may want to take care while adjusting indoor lighting. According to new research, the way a room is lit can affect decision-making, with bright light acting as a possible catalyst for more intense emotions.More

Stop pretending you can't give candid feedback
Harvard Business Review
We've all heard the famous bromide that "honesty is the best policy." But when it comes to performance feedback, honesty often falls by the wayside. Many managers hide behind performance management checklists and generalizations. On the other side of the equation, employees paint a rosy picture in their self-assessments and avoid giving constructive feedback to the boss. The result is a lack of candid dialogue between boss and subordinate — which not only prevents the organization from improving, but also stymies individual development.More

6 education technology trends you should know about
The NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition, released at the end of January, examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching and learning within higher education settings.More

9 ways to build your next online software training
The Rapid E-Learning Blog
Sometimes you need different ways to present simple screencast videos without getting into an elaborate production process. To help refresh the look of your online training, here are nine ways to mix it up a bit.More