ISPI Performance Digest
Mar. 18, 2014

Video: Why attend THE Performance Improvement Conference
To be sure that you experience learning that is truly bold, mind-blowing and game-changing, the organizers and committee members involved in presenting THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014 have lined up more than twice the number of educational session blocks as last year, with new learning formats and a wide array of cutting-edge topics. Watch ISPI's new video to learn more reasons why you should attend this year!More

Leadership under the microscope: SkillCast webinar this week!
Don't miss Judith Hale, CPT, PhD, and Donna Crisp, CPT, this Wednesday, March 19, as they present "Building Leadership Capacity," a SkillCast webinar from 1 to p.m. EDT. Using the ISPI human performance technology principles and standards for effective leadership as lenses, this webinar will reveal the five C's of leadership. Register today!More

Quiz: Which activities aren't in sync with your strategy?
Harvard Business Review
Most organizational leaders struggle to align day-to-day activities with strategy, even though they know it’s important to do. Take this brief assessment for feedback on how to improve strategic alignment in eight key areas.More

Jedi-approved productivity tricks for the business traveler
Whether you're a serial procrastinator or a black belt in OCD, everyone with a job requiring travel feels the pressure to reach Jedi status while on the go. Whether we're tasked with meeting and impressing a VIP or aiming to land a new client, we need all the "force" we can get. More

Creating shared value through learning and development
The Huffington Post
Britain's Office for National Statistics released a report recently showing the number of British 16-24-year-olds in full-time education has more than doubled since 1984. At the same time employers continue to bemoan the lack of work-readiness of those young people emerging from the formal education system. And most of them take the view that it's a problem to be owned and fixed by education.More

55 free templates to make visual content creation quick and painless
Visual content is in high demand. Just about every type of content can be enhanced by some kind of visual element. But honestly, who's got time for that? And who has the skills — or the budget — for graphic design?More

Forget time management; try attention management
Don't spend your day constantly battling the clock — it's a battle you won't win. Instead, decide what your priorities are and focus your attention on them.More