ISPI Performance Digest
May. 14, 2013

Getting the right data to measure human capital
All Analytics
Collecting and measuring data for human capital can be fraught with debate about the process, as well as how to read the results. Boyce Byerly, Ph.D., co-founder and chief scientist of Capital Analytics, offers more information on this subject.More

4 steps to better business intelligence using predictive analytics
Do you want to know how to bring down the mood at the next happy hour, cocktail party or cookout that you attend? Bring up predictive analytics. In reality, predictive analytics is not scary at all. Here is a great video explanation from Dr. Eric Siegel, founder of Predictive Analytics World.More

Pardon the interruption
Bob Fortune
Avoiding random interruptions at work — whether in the field, office or warehouse — will greatly improve work flow and job performance and reduce costly mistakes. Whether it is a text and subsequent response or setting one task aside to work on a second, output improves when you focus on completing one task at a time well. Unfortunately, we live in a world where technology and others constantly interfere with our thought processes.More

Do you really need to design training? Ask this flowchart
Cathy Moore
Here's a flowchart that will help you identify the best solution to a performance problem, whether it's a job aid, a workflow improvement, training or something else. It's based on action mapping, a streamlined approach to instructional design.More

Supporting continuing learning and performance improvement
Learning in the Social Workplace
Many organizations have aspired to a "continuous learning culture" for a long time now — but in practice, at best this has meant a series of training events, rather than a continuous flow of learning. However, we can now approach the concept of "continuous learning" very differently, thanks to the proliferation and widespread use of social technologies.More

The missing link: Can performance improvement be an asset?
The performance improvement industry is full of companies and consultants with outstanding results of Performance Improvement projects they've undertaken and completed. But is that all there is? Is that the end?More