ISPI Performance Digest
Jun. 11, 2013

Performance architecture: Practice makes process
BP Trends
Many of us, consciously or not, bring our work experiences home with us and put them to work solving non-business issues. These proficiencies reinforce our knowledge and deepen our skills while helping us address personal problems and opportunities. A great example is Sheila Wilkins of the Wilkins Group, an accomplished musician and performance architect. She performs as a business consultant, piano teacher and pianist. Performance is defined as "the execution of an action, something accomplished," and Sheila executes in all her performer roles.More

Zimbabwe: Benefits of ethics training
Appreciating the workings of ethics in the workplace is an intricate matter that demands deliberate staff training in business ethics. Organizations must plan and allocate adequate time toward staff training in business ethics in order to equip employees with skills that will help them to tackle ethical dilemmas among other ethical challenges inherent in the workplace.More

Lessons from the road: Eliminating waste in your personal work
How many of you leave your work feeling like none of your day was a waste? Very few, most likely. Some studies have found the average person has 2 to 6 hours of waste for every 8 hours they are at work. Most waste elimination is focused on organizational waste; we sometimes forget to improve ourselves.More

How to overcome the challenge of working with subject matter experts
The Rapid E-Learning Blog
A large part of your success as a learning professional hinges on the relationship you have with a course's subject matter experts. They play a critical role by providing guidance, expertise and context for much of your course's content. However, the subject matter experts can also be a source of frustration. More

5 reasons hospital ORs scored low on key quality measures
Becker's Hospital Review
To maximize revenue under the CMS Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program, hospital surgery departments need to score high on quality, outcome and patient satisfaction measures. More