Performance Digest
June 30, 2009

Government Launches Web Site to Track IT Spending
from The Washington Post
Vivek Kundra, the federal chief information officer, on Tuesday announced a new Web site designed to track more than $70 billion in government information technology spending, showing all contracts held by major firms within every agency. More

Employees Need Help to Adapt to Change
from Newsday
If companies want employees who adapt well to change, the employers have to help the process along. That’s the finding from a Right Management survey, which found that employees of nearly one-third of North American companies — 31 percent — adapt poorly to changes at work, hurting their productivity. More

Problem Solving in the Workplace
from The Examiner
Working in a professional environment has no shortage of challenges and issues. Problems with work, co-workers, clients, other external and internal factors present ongoing challenges on a daily basis. It’s so much easier to avoid it or point the finger at someone else. Problems change; they grow bigger; the original problem becomes a new problem, which then spawns additional problems. So, how then do you problem solve effectively? More

HR Professionals Believe the Layoffs Aren’t Over
from Workforce Management
Despite indications that unemployment has bottomed out, more than half of HR professionals say their organizations will conduct more layoffs by the end of the year, according to Workforce Management’s HR Anxiety Survey. More

Turning Managers Into Leaders: 5 Questions to Ask
from Business Management Daily
We look in mirrors every day. They give us a reflection of ourselves. But what about our inner selves—our attitudes and thoughts? How often do we look there? True leaders look inward every day and take stock of themselves. More

Networking is Essential to Job Security, Now More Than Ever
from NJBiz
In every decision to downsize, a manager is faced with whom to put on “The List.” It would be easy if the decision was solely based on objective factors, like performance reviews, seniority and attendance records, but in the real world, at least some part of the decision to put an employee on the list is based on relationships. More

The Persistence of Pay-for-Performance in Government
FedSmith and other sites frequented by Federal employees are reporting that the newly appointed Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Director, John Berry, has voiced his desire for a unified pay system within the Executive Branch. More

Credit Checks Bouncing Prospective Employees
from The Chicago Tribune
The credit report is becoming the latest hurdle for unemployed workers in a dismal U.S. job market. Although estimates vary, experts say up to half of employers use credit screening to weed out potentially troublesome hires, and the practice is on the rise. More

Creating an Engaging Workplace in Challenging Times
from The Examiner
Research has shown that after a restructuring, employees tend to work harder but are less productive. This in turn, more or less negates the cost savings corporations hope to derive from downsizing. Employees feel stressed not knowing if their jobs are secure, engage in rumor mills, spend more time talking to each other, mourning the past & speculating the future, thereby not getting their normal duties & during these times, additional responsibilities completed on time. In times of crisis, when corporations must retain their best & their brightest talents, some employees even start looking for external opportunities. More

Going Over Boss' Head Can Put Your Job At Risk
from New York Daily News
Workers who think they must bring their boss' actions to the attention of a top manager must also think about protecting their career and their reputation. It is a risk, without question. But sometimes risks must be taken. More

ISPI Member-Get-A-Member Referral Program: The Power of One
from ISPI
ISPI understands the power of professional networking. That is one of the cornerstones of our organization’s history. We want to continue to provide our members with a network of talent and resources that understand Human Performance Technology (HPT) methods, tools, and techniques. That is why we are asking YOU, through The Power of One, to reach out to your network and refer new talent to ISPI. You can introduce your colleagues to all the benefits of ISPI membership including educational and networking opportunities, publications, career development, and so much more while helping to grow Your Society. More