ISPI Performance Digest
July 12, 2011

10 major mobile learning trends
Teachers and administrators have been bringing technology into the classroom for decades, but with the advent of cloud computing and the proliferation of smaller, more portable computers and Internet-capable devices, it's now possible to bring the classroom into the technology instead.More

Understanding neuroscience helps maximize employee performance
By understanding the underpinnings of the science behind how humans learn, organizations can improve their learning and development practices. Being aware of the factors that limit or, conversely, enhance the learning process enables organizations to equip their talent with the requisite skills for strong individual and business performance.More

Building and Sustaining Relationships
International Society for Performance Improvement
People are our most valuable resources. They introduce important connections into our network and provide us with ideas and perspectives beyond our own. Given how important others are to both individual and organizational success, the process of building and nurturing coworker and client relationships should be given the attention it deserves. This webinar will help participants understand the importance of building relationships to project management and will provide them with the necessary tools to build these relationships on an individual, team and client level. More

Retaining millennials' knowledge
Chief Learning Officer
As economic recovery continues, millennials' penchant for job-hopping in droves could pose a challenge to retaining organizational knowledge. A customized approach can help companies get in front of this problem.More

Onboarding program indoctrinates new workers at MACH speed
Workforce Management
The Microsoft Academy for College Hires, or MACH, is an onboarding program that allows companies to build successful relationships with new employees by helping them understand organizational goals and how their work contributes.More

Junior managers 'need training to cope with workloads'
Business Day
South African business schools say the global economic recession has placed greater pressure on junior managers, and companies need to invest in skills and training development to help them cope with increased responsibilities.More

Why training isn't being applied on the job
Industrial Distribution
Results of a recently released global study show organizations must become more fully committed to and engaged in the transfer of learning to the workplace.More

Track your training
Dallon Christensen writes, "I strongly believe in training and development in the finance organization. Rules, regulations, technology and competition change too rapidly for finance professionals to use yesterday's knowledge for today's world."More

Developing future HR leaders
Human Resource Executive Online
An informal survey of 10 Fellows of the National Academy of Human Resources provides a glimpse into some best practices for developing HR professionals who have the business savvy and skills to help lead an organization to success.More