ISPI Performance Digest
Jul. 16, 2013

NEW! Report released: 'Performance Improvement in High-Performance Organizations'
"Performance Improvement in High-Performance Organizations" — a collaboration between i4cp and ISPI — is a comprehensive study examining performance improvement approaches, practices and barriers as seen through the lens of market performance. Results highlight how high-performance organizations differentiate themselves from low-performance firms as well as which approaches are most highly correlated to market performance. The report is complimentary for ISPI Members through ISPI Collaborate in the PI Members Only community, Library, Resources. Non-members may purchase the report for $249. Click here to order.More

3 myths about your strengths
Harvard Business Review
One of the most dramatic changes in leadership development in the last decade has been the shift in focus from correcting weaknesses to identifying and expanding on strengths. As this movement continues to catch hold, three myths have emerged that deserve to be dispelled.More

Needs Assessment models: An overview
Needs = Gaps in Results
Editor's note: Ryan Watkins, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at George Washington University, founder of and an active member of the International Society for Performance Improvement. In 2011 he received an ISPI Award of Excellence for "The Handbook for Improving Performance in the Workplace." He is an author of the world's top-selling text on e-learning (now in its 4th edition), "The E-learning Companion: A learner's guide to online success" (Cengage, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013).

From Arthur's Performance Evaluation Matrix to Zemke and Kramlinger's "Figuring Things Out" model, Ryan Watkins offers an overview of existing Needs Assessment models.More

How to create your own illustrated graphics in PowerPoint
The Rapid E-Learning Blog
Despite all of the whining about PowerPoint, it can be an effective application for much online training and graphic design work. There aren't many applications more diverse. This tutorial explains how to create engaging illustrations for your online courses.More

Will certification really help me get a better job?
Do certifications matter anymore? Can they really help people land a better job, or are they a waste of time and money?More

Mark your calendars now for THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014
Start planning now for THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014, set for April 13-16 in Indianapolis. Submit your presentation proposals before Aug. 30 to be considered as a speaker. There will be seven types of sessions in 2014 — and ISPI offers only the best content, so whether you are a speaker, an attendee or both, plan for an enlightening, inspiring week.More