Performance Digest
July 21, 2009

What Measuring Productivity Could Yield
from Federal Times
The federal government could save between $45 billion and $134 billion over the next decade by making modest gains in productivity, according to a new report from management consultant McKinsey and Co. More

Bernanke Sees 'Tentative Signs' Economy Stabilizing
from Bloomberg
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said while the economy is showing "tentative signs of stabilization," the central bank intends to maintain a "highly accommodative" monetary policy for "an extended period." More

On the Job, Off the Clock
from Human Resources Executive Online
With more work on their plates and less time to do it, some employees are staying later to get the job done without receiving overtime pay. While it can save companies money in the short-run, it could lead to legal battles down the road. Communication, enforcement and training initiatives can help. More

Obama Performance Agenda Takes Shape
from Government Executive
Identifying and tackling some of the most urgent performance goals are at the top of the Obama administration's management agenda, a senior official with the Office of Management and Budget said recently. More

Why Disengaged Employees Are Costing UK Plc Billions
from Management Today
Improving staff engagement is key to the UK's economic recovery, a Government report argues. If companies did a better job of engaging their staff, it could lead to a ‘step change in workplace performance and in employee well-being, for the considerable benefit of UK plc.’ More

10 Elements for a Successful, Effective Corporate Learning Program
from Workforce Management
Novartis established its corporate learning department in 1998 with the goal of developing a stable of future leaders who could grow with the business. Creating this pipeline entailed identifying and selecting top talent with high potential, providing them with the right job experiences and supporting continuous learning with instruction from the best institutions. Any enterprise can draw lessons from the critical points that drive the very successful and respected Novartis corporate learning program. More

Help Managers Supervise Staff Who Work from Home
from Business Management Daily
Whatever the reasons—job autonomy, better productivity in a regimen other than 8-to-5, gas prices, work and family balance—telecommuters have become one of the fastest-growing groups of employees in corporate America. More

Agencies Advised to be Strategic in Gathering Online Feedback
from NextGov
Federal agencies that solicit feedback on policy changes and management reforms, in keeping with Obama administration goals of making government more transparent, should follow a deliberate strategy, former government executives said during a recent panel discussion in Washington. More

Weathering the Tempest of Corporate Fraud
from Oil & Gas Financial Journal
In the last year, industries across the board have experienced one of the most tumultuous markets in history. No industry, including oil and gas, has been immune from the economic downturn and potential pitfalls of fraud-related incidents. Today’s turbulent market has created the perfect storm for corporate fraud in the world of energy and other business sectors. More

Six Sigma: Changing Organizations for the Better
from Tech Republic
Studies show that organizations operating at lower levels of defect prevention, categorized as three or four sigma in statistical terms, tolerate errors of between about 6,000 to 65,000 defects per million, and, more importantly, spend between 25 percent and 40 percent of its revenues fixing these problems. Six Sigma companies, on the other hand, spend about 5 percent in defect remediation. More

ISPI Member-Get-A-Member Referral Program: The Power of One
from ISPI
ISPI understands the power of professional networking. That is one of the cornerstones of our organization’s history. We want to continue to provide our members with a network of talent and resources that understand Human Performance Technology (HPT) methods, tools, and techniques. That is why we are asking YOU, through The Power of One, to reach out to your network and refer new talent to ISPI. You can introduce your colleagues to all the benefits of ISPI membership including educational and networking opportunities, publications, career development, and so much more while helping to grow Your Society. More