ISPI Performance Digest
Sep. 17, 2013

Everything you've ever been told about how you learn is a lie
Popular Science
Many of the theories of "brain-based" education, a method of instruction supposedly based on neuroscience, have been largely debunked by rigorous science. Brain-based education studies are usually poorly designed and badly controlled. Nevertheless, myths about how we learn persist in the popular imagination, and, most important, in educational materials and references for teachers. Here are just a few things we usually get wrong about the way the brain learns.More

Change the game with THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014
Early bird pricing is now in effect for THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014, April 13-16 in Indianapolis. Registration is easy and includes several price structures to fit your organization's needs. Attendance is game-changing! The 2014 conference schedule reveals an event that will sharpen your professional skills, deepen your knowledge and broaden your network — and all of those things can have a direct effect on your organization's performance and bottom line. More

Uncovering talent: A new model for inclusion and diversity
Fast Company
A new report suggests most inclusion programs require people to assimilate into the overall, existing corporate culture. This leaves very little room for people to actually be who they are at work.More

Why hiring women may make your business more money
Silicon Valley Business Journal
Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Cindy Padnos didn't set out to prove that female tech entrepreneurs may provide better returns on investment than their male counterparts. But her white paper on the topic found that women-operated, venture-backed high tech companies average 12 percent higher annual revenues. They also use, on average, one-third less capital than male counterparts' startups.More

Rethinking how work works
In a recent survey of more than 1,700 CEOs, 71 percent rated their employees as their most important source of sustained economic value. More than infrastructure, more than business models, more than budgets — it's now people who determine the success or failure of your business. Which is why, on a smarter planet, companies are thinking as strategically about workforces as they are about everything else. An emerging concept known as "workforce design" is using technology to help companies offer employees meaningful work, create experiences that engage and stimulate them and encourage them to grow as fast as their abilities allow.More

Change management: The new GOOD
Evidence shows traditional change management methods don't work very well. But goal-oriented organization design, GOOD, offers a way forward. Unlike other change management methods, it is not a codification of practices arrived at incrementally over years of consultancy work, but a formal technique derived from the theory of virtual team planning.More

Instructional design hourly rates and salary
Experiencing E-Learning
What is your hourly rate as an instructional designer? What do you make if you're a full-time salaried employee? There are some resources to use as a starting point to help determine the going rates you could (or should) be making.More