ISPI Performance Digest
Oct. 18, 2011

A new way forward: The better way to accelerate change
With change accelerating and organizations asking more and more of their people, leaders need a way of implementing change that doesn't spread exhaustion and frustration.More

Engage employees using customer service tactics
Harvard Business Review
Most companies claim they want enthusiastic, engaged employees — and with good reason. Employee engagement and financial performance are connected. Yet Gallup research indicates more than 70 percent of employees in a typical company are "not engaged" or "actively disengaged." What's the reason for this failure?More

Organizing 2.0: The zero matters most
Management Innovation eXchange
Groupvision's CEO explains how the onset of cloud computing forced his company to shift its focus to the collaboration processes in place. What they learned is that processes need to be carefully and constantly designed, reviewed and improved.More

Pay-for-performance drivers and effectiveness
The existence of a pay-for-performance strategy alone is not enough to draw distinctions between high- and low-performing organizations. Rather, it is the approach taken in executing this strategy that separates the high-performance organizations from the rest of the pack.More

Aligning performance management with business strategy
HR Magazine
In challenging economic times, amid market volatility, certainties are in short supply. But one certainty does exist: When the going is tough, employers will need to maximize the return they get from their staff.More

Does good talent management help cash flow?
"A company's most valuable asset is its people." It may seem the more a company makes that claim, the less it proves it in practice. Perhaps because managing people is considered a "soft skill," companies struggle to square the concept with the bottom-line language of corporate performance.More

Evaluating beyond the basic level of training
HR Review
Despite the huge annual investment made in training, few organizations are interested in evaluating beyond the most basic levels. This might stem from confusion about what training evaluation is and what it is designed to do.More

'Keys' to success: Inside Schlumberger's Abu Dhabi training center
Oil & Gas Eurasia
To speak about Schlumberger as a recognized world leader in oil field technology, it is important to remember how those technologies were created and developed. Schlumberger is very serious about the processes of personnel training and development.More