ISPI Performance Digest
Oct. 22, 2013

Get a grip on operational decisions: Question charts
Decisions are a commonly overlooked target in business process modeling. An operational business decision has structure that you can't capture using business process models, use cases or similar techniques. If you fail to delineate that structure, you completely miss a core part of what makes business processes smart. More

Is casual dress killing your productivity at work?
What do people wear at your office? Chances are jeans, casual T-shirts/shirts or sweaters dominate the culture. Of course, certain industries require you to dress up, but a large majority of companies have embraced casual attire. And, if you're among the 1 in 4 workers who telecommute, you probably don't wear a suit when you work from home. So if you wear a T-shirt and jeans at work … and a T-shirt and jeans on the weekend, can you differentiate between your "work self" and "weekend self?" Does it mean you're in work mode 24/7? Or conversely, are you likely to always be in play mode finding it harder to be productive?More

i4cp study: Leaders are defined by influence, not role
The Institute for Corporate Productivity, a research organization that focuses on the people practices that drive market performance, has released a new report outlining four emerging practices for global leadership development. The report, "Next Practices for Global-Minded Organizations," explores each of the four practices and features case studies with Molson Coors and FedEx Express. It finds 70 percent of organizations considered effective at global leadership development define leaders by the role they play, rather than their job title.More

The new science of who sits where at work
The Wall Street Journal
Office workers are being treated to a new game: musical chairs. By shifting employees from desk to desk every few months, scattering those who do the same types of jobs and rethinking which departments to place side by side, companies say they can increase productivity and collaboration. Proponents say such experiments not only come with a low price tag, but they can help a company's bottom line, even if they leave a few disgruntled workers in their wake.More

Comptroller: Shutdown cost DoD $600 million in productivity
Defense News
The U.S. government shutdown cost the Defense Department at least $600 million in lost productivity, Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hale said. The estimate is the result of 400,000 DoD civilians being furloughed for the first four days of the 16-day shutdown, Hale said at a briefing.More

The greatest productivity tool you never thought of: autoresponder
Fast Company
When it comes to emailing people, "We're lazier than a Google search. We expect information to come immediately, so we feel a responsibility to spit information out immediately." For many people, info-spitting makes up a huge chunk of their time — about 28 percent of the day. Could the autoresponder change all that? More