ISPI Performance Digest
Nov. 5, 2013

Leveraging Silicon Valley — from wherever you are
Harvard Business Review
In business, volatility used to be more limited to the realms of finance and high tech. But as the tech wave has continued to sweep the globe, the environment for all organizations, including non-tech ones, has shifted from stability and predictability to rapid, unpredictable change. The only sure thing, especially when it comes to technology, is continuous discontinuity. Organizations need to enhance their design and capabilities to survive and stay competitive in a world where innovation matters more.More

How to measure the effectiveness of your mentoring program
As an HR decision-maker, it's becoming increasingly difficult to deny the positive effects of a strong mentoring program within your organization. If your organization has decided to join the more than 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies with an official mentoring program, how do you confirm the program is working?More

5 planning tips for avoiding year-end productivity challenges
Halloween signals the start of the year-end holiday season. Thanksgiving is close behind (in the U.S.), followed by Christmas and Hanukkah in December. During this time every year, many people plan and take year-end vacations — often starting in early December — to get their "use it or lose it" PTO out of the way. Plan ahead so productivity doesn't plummet.More

Map: The sad state of global workplace engagement
Harvard Business Review
Only 13 percent of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs, according to 2011-2012 numbers collected by Gallup. What does that mean for where you live and work? This map provides a visual — and it's a sad one.More

Infographic: Is mobile learning in our DNA?
Mobile learning is an exciting concept across many industries. However, for future generations it will be the expectation. In fact, the young people of today have never known a world without Internet, laptops, iPads and the like. Which begs the question: Is mobile learning in our DNA?More

Managing millennials: Leveraging their strengths to benefit everyone
Millennials have out-sized expectations for their careers. They have been told they can be anything and do anything according to their terms. Their ideas have been encouraged since the womb, so give them a voice and hold them accountable for following through.More

11 of the funniest TED Talk spoofs, and what speakers can learn from them
TED Blog
DED Talks. High TED Talks. In the TED office, you will often hear chuckles as someone watches one of the quickly growing crop of TED spoofs floating in the ether. Surprisingly, there are some pretty good lessons for speakers embedded in these spoofs.More